Bye-Bye 2012

Heyyyy.... this is the last post of 2012... I don't plan to write much nor do I have a shoot/look here... I already had a big post on how amazing my 2012 was...  but I felt like having a last 2012 good bye post... so just few clicks that I got clicked on a random summer day! 
Hope you guys had an amazing Christmas and are making big plans for New Year's Eve!

I will be on a short break shoot wise.... means no new pictures or looks for some time... though the posts will keep coming... may be I will do some men's fashion posts as requested by a friend :)

Thank u all!
Wishing you a very Happy New Year!


Evolution of Women!!

Enough is said and done about how and what should be done to a rapist! All the protests and cries will die out soon. Protesters will stop protesting and the government, police and law will stay where it is.
You and me, we women are going to be left alone to fight this battle single handed. I have thought over this a 100 times and I can see no better solution to this problem.
Do not carry a pepper spray alone, carry a knife along with it, if your dad/bro owns a gun, carry it with you! Spray the pepper, stab/shoot the guy! 

If there is a woman being raped every 18 hours in Delhi, let there be at least 2 men dying or attacked or serious in hospital every day in Delhi! Don't spare him even if he's just touching or molesting you! We have lived in fear for too long, now its their time to live in fear!
You don't have to be afraid of the so called law. Are these bastards afraid of the law?? Do they have the right and permission to rape??No! So why should we be afraid?? And anyways self-defense is the biggest law of nature! It's high time we also learn something from the wild animals!
One of us may get arrested or punished or hung for murder, but it's better to die by protecting our self, our self esteem and pride than getting raped and letting the bastard go free!
If you are in such a situation, there are just two ways, you either kill them or get raped. And you are not even doing it for some one else, its for yourself! Its difficult when many men attack, but at least there should be a start, there should be a fear among such men.

India is anyways a mess, its chaos, lets make it more chaotic, let there be many more killings, but the only difference being these killings will be completely justified!
If you are a girl, and I'm really suggesting this very seriously to all you girls out there, start a karate/kick boxing class today!
Schools should right away start free, compulsory karate/kick-boxing classes right from KG level only for girls! Let every girl in India be a Black belt! Schools should also educate the boys and tell them what a girl undergoes when she's raped! All this must be done right away! Ask your schools and colleges to start self defense classes!

If Rani Jhansi could kill so many men, why can't we??!! I know I'm talking about killing people here, but do we have a choice?? How long can we wait around like this?? Raping an innocent is much worse than killing a potential rapist! Don't let the anger die!! Why shouldn't we have a medieval punishment for a medieval crime??

Let there be so many killings that the government is forced to make stronger laws! Let there be so many killings that the sex ratio goes 1500/1000 from 940/1000!! Let there be so many killings that parents wish for a girl instead of a boy cos there is a very high chance of him getting killed by a girl!!

If you have recently given birth to a baby girl, and have big dreams for her, then forget about sending her to singing/dancing and painting classes, send her for sports, make her fit and strong! Women should no more be submissive, shy or accommodating, they should be aggressive, feisty and strong!
And if you have recently given birth to a boy teach him to behave himself if you don't want him to be killed in future for touching a girl inappropriately!
Do not let them take away our freedom to dress the way we want, our freedom to live the way we want!!
Let's start the process of evolution of Indian Women!
Pepper spray plus knife, spray and STAB without any second thoughts! (Better ideas are most welcome!) KILL THEM!!



21st Dec 2012! The so called Doomsday... never believed it... didn't even realise the day is already here until I saw so many facebook statuses today regarding it...  :P
Anyhow...I choose this day to express how absolutely wonderful this year has been... Amazingly beautiful... romantic and  fun.. So full of twists and turns.. uncertainties that looked like they were here to stay... and the sudden rays of hope that appeared at every corner... 

This is the year that I got married... to my bestest friend ever...
 How many of us wish that our best friend lived next door?? 
Well my best friend lives in the same house with me! :p
We used to joke many years back that if we both were single till 2012, we would get married...looks like the heavens heard it.. and we fell in love... and we got married in 2012!!! :)
To describe him here would take a lot more posts... but in short he's my friend, philosopher and guide (very cliche' eh?? :p)...he's my Chandler Bing!! :D  and the sweetest, most humble human being I've ever met!
My most favourite thing about him is his poetry, and a book full of poems, just for me! :)

This is also the year I shifted to Perth... A small city in Western Australia... Initially I found it very boring.. as it is completely opposite to a happening city like Bombay... but now I've started loving it here... It's scenically beautiful but also so rich socially... I have never really seen a more family oriented city than Perth... So many family events, so many festivals.. So many social gatherings where the city comes together to celebrate... babies, kids, parents, youngsters and couples... all at the same place... 
It's definitely a city to actually "live" life.. people relax and spend more time with their loved ones than spending all their time earning money and running after their careers.. 
Never had really looked at life so differently.. :)

This is the year I started Pineapple-ish... :)
It's my dear blog... Still trying to get better.. trying my best with each post... pouring my heart out.. expressing myself... taking the pleasure of enjoying all the compliments that I get here... Educating myself more from the other wonderful blogs and people I come across..
Trying out new looks... using it as an excuse to shop one dress after another... and so much more...

Finally this is the year I found an internship at an awesome company called as Colosoul... a non-profit media group where I volunteer as a fashion assistant... amazing concept of giving creative people hands-on experience in their respective field!
I work with a bunch of utterly creative and hard working people... the energy in the tiny space of our office is unbelievable... and so much to do..so glad I stumbled  upon this opportunity... 

So this was my 2012 where none of my goals made in 2011 were achieved... nothing materialized... no promises were kept...
 Life didn't move even an inch as planned! 
But what happened was just loads better than what I planned! :)
So don't make any plans.. just go on!! 

Top: Zara
Skirt: Zara
Necklace: Diva
Ring: Diva
Sling: Accessorize

Thank you for reading
Happy Christmas & Happy New year!


Wind in my hair...

Heyyyy.... Won't be writing much today... Only a little about the shoot and my look... 

Perth is supposedly the third windiest city in the world... cool right??!! 
It is actually very awesome... It's windy almost everyday... and they say it's windy throughout the year!
In most of my posts you will notice how the wind keeps blowing my hair... I'm not complaining.. I like that "special effect" in my pictures :D
Most days while walking through the city... with so much wind in my hair... I feel like some female protagonist in a story or a movie... hehe... it's that awesome!
But it was particularly crazy this day....Hence couldn't get that many good pics... My hair too got really messed up!

After having posted so many western looks.. I was really itching to post something ethnic... earthy.. something real... 
Also an attempt to mix prints... checks with ethnic.... putting together many accessories

Also it's a trend to wear multiple watches these days... and I like it! ;P

As posted before... love this jacket... styled it differently last time.. look here...

Checks Shirt: Lifestyle, India
Jacket: Naksh, India
Denims: Pepe
Necklace: Promod
Ring: Aldo
Bangles: Diva
Necklace on Wrist: Diva
Bag: Baggit

Thank you for reading...


Fashion Resolutions ;)

So it's that time of the year again when we talk about resolutions...  So how about we make some Fashion resolutions this year??!!

I have come across some people who are blissfully unaware of some basic and general principles of etiquette... I would like to categorize these under Fashion... Here they go...

Invest in a good perfume/deodorant!!
Its a must! Do I have to explain how it feels when the person next to you smells bad??!! We all know it... and still we all conveniently forget it when it comes to us! 

Do not forget to Wax!!
There is no excuse to not waxing.... Hands and legs are usually taken care of... but what about the times when you are wearing a sleeveless/tube dress??! Be extra cautious!! 

Well manicured/pedicured nails!!
You can actually judge people from how clean and well maintained their nails are! 
Its not at all about applying colorful nail polishes.... you can go without applying any polish at all but they have to be well maintained.... 
Chipped nail polish looks bad... and what's worse is having the nails of the left hand long and coloured and the right hand short!! It's funny!! Please treat both hands equally... they are both yours  :P

Along with today's look here... I come to some fashion experimentation and some tips that you can try out next year!

Try different silhouettes... experiment with silhouettes because now you get so much more than shirts and t-shirts and basic lbds... try a peplum, a one shoulder and tube dress if you have never tried one... but do make sure you are comfortable in them.. you can take things slowly... no point in wearing something that you are not confident in... but don't stop yourself from trying different things if you really want to...

I was very wary of wearing tubes a few years ago... but now I'm really comfortable in them... I might look plump.. my shoulders and arms are not really perfect for a tube but still I feel confident in them and hence it looks good on me (I assume :P)
Also this is my 1st peplum dress!! Absolutely love this silhouette!! And it actually covers your problem area (your paunch :P) Try it out!!

It's the trickiest department of all.. you might have the dress, hair and accessories in place... and the footwear?? spoils the whole look!! So take extra care while choosing them..
Getting the footwear right is very essential! If you have your doubts.... go for nudes and neutrals... black and browns... beige and tans... they go with almost everything! Maintain your footwear... if they are dirty, please clean them... if they are torn stop using them if they are not repairable (I love all my footwear and get them repaired a lot of times as it is hard to let them go :P)

Since the colour of the dress speaks volumes :P I have toned down the accessories... beige footwear...

Colour Zone!
This time try and come out of your comfort zone... your colour zone... I have seen so many people who have a standard set of colours they buy... especially Indians are so insecure of their skin-tone that they keep thinking and rethinking about every colour! Wear every colour like you own it... wear it like it's your skin and you would be surprised how good it looks on you! 
If you are good at footwear selection already... you may even try colourful footwear... I have yellow gladiators! Will post it soon here... I love them!! 

The colour of my dress is Neon Orange!!! Can you beat that??!! :P
It actually is fluorescent orange (you cant really make it out here) that glows in dark discotheques... It actually makes me look more tan than I am... and I love it!!

So go out and try and experiment and keep the basics in mind too... Make your resolutions to a more fashionable year ahead... Don't hold yourself back!

And don't forget to Be confident in whatever you wear!! :)

Dress: Zara
Footwear: Zara
Necklace: Bandra, Hill road
Ring: ALdo

Thank you for reading!! 



I came across this beautiful site called 1000 Awesome things... I'm sure many of you know about it... if not then google it... It really tells you how small things in life are to be most appreciated... I haven't yet read about all the 1000 things... and I don't know if this is one of the 1000 things...  but if you ask me what is something that really makes me feel awesome.... I would say Photographs!! 

Click.... Capture an awesome moment in the whole universe... and then Cherish for the rest of your life!! How Awesome is that??!!
Photographs make this instant connection with you... they touch your heart... they stir so many emotions in you...they make u smile instantly...

More than nature and abstract photographs, I'm drawn towards photographs with people in them... hundreds and thousands of expressions that light up your eyes... make you giggle and smile... So many human emotions and relations can be captured... Its like getting hold of a moment in time... along with every tiny detail... which can later be framed... recorded... frozen...and made timeless...

I love clicking photographs... and I love getting clicked... all girls do... we love to pose and then we love to check how good we look in those photos! Nothing wrong in it... its an instant confidence booster ;)
I especially love the funny goofy pics! have clicked tonnes of them in my past and I continue to do so!

Life is too short.. so click as many pics as u can!!
A collage of 1/100000000th of the total pics I have :D

Of my love for goofy pics.. I tried out funny poses and expressions for this look.. Pardon me for all the extra pics... I did not delete any from this shoot and posting them alll here... :P

My look here is very much in sync with the colour trends of this season...(see the trends here) In-fact I have almost all colours! :P
Electric blue with turq and neon splashes! 

Dress: Royal Perth Show for $10 (How cool is that?? :P )
Cardigan: Zara 

 Bag: Accessorize
Necklace: Lovisa

Turq Ring : Aldo
Other Rings: Diva

Shoes: Colaba Causeway
Belt: Paper Scissors

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! That's All... Thank you for reading! :)


Australian Trends: S/S-2012-2013

Normally we see trends from previous seasons spilling over to next season with little modifications to suit the current season... Similarly though the seasons in both hemispheres are opposite, there is a great deal of 
over-lap in trends...
A short summary of all the colours and silhouettes that are in trend this season in Australia... and you will know how the trends everywhere are quite in sync, excluding the obvious summer-winter factor!

Crispy whites... White on white... elegant as well as strong! Would love to try this one!
Its summer, white it! ;)

 Summers are usually about Yellows, Oranges and Reds... but not this time... Its all Blue! Electric, Turq, Navy... pick your favourite Blue!!

Neons were accepted with great enthusiasm last season and they are here to stay!!

Pastels are a natural and pleasant choice during summers!

Silver is an exceptional and daring addition... Haven't really seen this trend previously... Definitely would love to try this one!!

One highlight among prints is Graphic Florals... Floral is everywhere!

Peplums started last season and are here again with lovely variety of silhouettes!

Go Sheer this summer... 

 Longer than your pedal pushers & Capris but shorter than your regular trousers!

Peplums, Neons, Floral prints and Glitter are some of the common trends seen these days... 
Which of the trends/colours/silhouettes do you guys feel like trying out??!! 

Will get back to you guys soon with my own looks for some of the seasons trends and colours!