Three dots...

Those who read my posts might have noticed that I don't use punctuation in my writings... rather I don't use them  in an appropriate way... The way they are supposed to be used by the rules... I do not quite like the idea of punctuation... I mean we do not use them while talking... why do we need them while writing ??!!

I think they restrict the free flow of emotions... this flow stops when you have to put a full stop... or a coma...

I like these three dots that I use... It comes to me naturally while putting down my thoughts... They give me the scope to expand.. to elaborate..to continue... to connect similar thoughts... to be on the same page or even move on to a new thought...

So break free from the rules... fly free..create your own however small they are... as small as these three dots...  and live by them... ;)

Coming to my look here... It's a very boho-ethnic  comfy look...That jacket is one of my favorites... I Got it from a small shop called Naksh... they get all their stuff from Jaipur... good stuff!

Hope u guys enjoy the Pics!

Jacket: Naksh, Bombay
Neck-piece: Diva
On Wrists: Necklace from Accessorize
Ring: Bandra, hill road
Boots : are new and cheap and I'm loving them!! :)

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A long skirt ago...

Gone are the days when being fashionable was all about following trends... Today's fashion scene is all about expressing yourself and creating your own individual style...

Today you may wear a flared dress from the 50's or a shift dress from the 60's.... Even celebrities like Heidi Klum and Victoria Beckham are carrying 70's bell-bottom style in the 21st Century...

So guys it’s time to mix-n-match... Innovate and create your own style... Start your own trend...

Long skirts were in vogue some years back in Bombay... Those were long with ethnic prints and colours and I owned a couple... I really like going around in long skirts... They are so comfortable and feminine...

When I saw this Forever New skirt, I simply couldn't stop myself from buying it... I love the nude-pink colour and the lovely fall of the fabric... It’s so stylish and elegant... It’s very western yet retains the feminine and comfort factor of long skirts...
And the best part is that I got it on a 70% discount ;)

Also I don't have to think before going around in a long skirt... as these days everything is in style :)

Skirt: Forever New
Top: from an exhibition in Bandra
Ring: Aldo
Neck-piece: Aldo
Shoes: Target

Thank you for reading...
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The Infamous "Fashionista"

I read this somewhere "Yes, I like fashion... no, I'm not superficial and materialistic" and couldn't stop myself from writing this post right away...it's so true that those who love fashion are so wrongly judged of being shallow and superficial...
Besides the branded clothes and perfect shoes for every outfit, I am very much a regular girl...
NO.. In fact.. .With all the branded clothes, the perfect shoes for every outfit, the running after discounts and looking for street stalls for accessories at every chance I get.... I am pretty much a regular girl...

The knowledge of Fashion helps me create a style of my own... my individuality..
 It gives me confidence..It defines me...

My Style is a very important aspect of who I am... a part of me... I may have developed it over the years  or I may have it naturally...  but I love it and respect it like every other aspect of my personality, my life... Like my paintings, my music, my dance, my cooking, the movies I like, my communication skills, the books I read.. it's very much a part of me.. It's also an incredible stress buster like the other stuff I enjoy doing..

Even in a literal sense, my style is always with me... backing me up at every STEP saying "YOU LOOK GREAT TODAY!"

Having a great sense of style is a true gift that not all can possess ....I admire People who are stylish and in poise without an effort... very much like those who can dance so elegantly that you feel like it's almost natural...sing so well that u feel it's god gifted...  we all secretly hope to be like them... and I respect them all!

Shopping for accessories and clothes in order to add to your dear collection is no less materialistic than wanting to add DVDs and CDs.... or downloading for movies and songs for your dear collection...
 It's not superficial... because its dear to you... it's yours and no one can relate to it more than you do..

I am pretty much a regular girl... clumsy at times.. sloppy and lazy... I have specs and do not have a perfect face or figure... But I am little more than a regular girl if I do it "in style"!!  ;)

So...yes I LOVE fashion..and no I am not materialistic and superficial!

 Skirt: $5
Top: Cotton On, $5
Cardigan: Paper Scissors, Got two colors in $15
Necklace: Aldo, Buy one get one free deal
Ring: Hill road, Bandra, small stall

Fashion and being in style is not at all about brands and spending huge amount of money...

Shreeja :)

An Earthy Palette...

 Wood... Soil... Deserts...Pebbles... Green... Moss
Jute.. .Khaadi... Wool...Cotton... Textures...
India... Rudraksh...Tradition... Vintage...
Browns.. Maroons... Deep Red... Navy... Ochre.. Rusty Oranges...
Strong... Natural... Mysterious...Character...Personality...Real...

I  have never really been a girlie girl nor has my palette ever been full of pastels or pinks... I have always been more of a Miss Brown ;)

Earthiness inspires me... draws me to it... It defines strength and character... It suits my colour!

Being earthy is dull... but it is real... It doesn't coat itself with glitter and splash... it's confident...  it's true to itself... it's classy!

Here's my look...
I am inspired!


Top: Zara
Skirt: Vero Moda
Cardigan: Paper Scissors
Shoes: Target
Belt: Vero Moda
Ring: Aldo
Necklace: Promod
Bag: Free!on buying 6 dresses! ;)

Shreeja :) <3


The Perfect Strawberries

 How do strawberries actually taste like? I had never really had them until very recently... I mean I dint really know how strawberries were supposed to taste like.. :P

I remember the 1st time I had them as a kid... I was very excited because  like everybody else I  was always drawn to the strawberry pink.. the strawberry flavour ...  the strawberry scent... the strawberry picture and the name itself...  "strawberry"!!
But when I tasted them.. I dint quite understand what the whole hype was about... it was something very plain..  It was fruit-like but dint even remotely taste delicious like other fruits...  like say pineapple :P
I thought of strawberry milkshakes and jams and syrups and ice creams! They r all so sweet and  yummy...

When I told people they said it's because you don't really get perfect  strawberries in India.. hmm..  maybe.. Still I kept having them here and there, hoping to find the perfect sweet strawberries... but I was never quite happy with what i had...

Last week in Fremantle, Perth I did find the perfect strawberries!
But they were not sweet... they were sour too... a perfect blend of sweet & sour... and I Loved them! More than the sweet milkshakes & ice creams... because they were real...

Hence I say ... Perfect  is a blend of sweet & sour...much like life.. a perfect life is never only sweet...  but a beautiful  blend of sweet & sour! :)

And this is what I wore to Fremantle.. when I found my perfect strawberries..
A very simple comfortable wear for a Sunday outing... 

And here is how great Fremantle looked with all its heritage buildings and vintage feel...

A cute little store that i came across... very creatively done.. 

And here are my perfect Strawberries!

Necklace, Ring, Sandals : Aldo
Top: Cotton On
Shorts: Hill road, Bandra.



Ethnic @ Heart...

Definitely that's what I am... Ethnic @ heart... I may have all sorts of western "must-haves" or  stuff that are in trend in my closet.. but when it comes to anything ethnic, anything Indian, its completely a different bargain! 

Artistic, colorful, royal, elegant, traditional, beautiful... is what ethnic makes you feel!

Orange-Pink combo is my latest favorite when it comes to ethnic-wear... I think its a very traditional yet a trendy combo which everyone should try out... Add a dash of any third colour to this combo and it does wonders!

A dash of turquoise here.. you can also add colors like yellow, navy blue, green and many other contrasts to this combo...

And of-course, dull gold is something that can never go wrong with anything ethnic! 

A fun tip for your nails : If you find your nail polish at the tip of your nails are chipping away, try coloring it at the tip with another color... much like French Manicure... but you can color the top half of your nail instead of just the tip... Here i have re-colored the top half with red over the pink color which i had on for few days... 
If the nail polishes are shades of the same colour then it gives a very pretty shaded effect to your nails.. you can also go wild with totally contrast colours! 

Kurta, Cudidar & Dupatta: Fab India
Ring : Aldo
Earrings: Colaba Causeway
Bangles: Colaba Causeway
Shoes: Colaba Causeway

Hope you all like it... and all those who haven't tried ethnic.. go try it!