A long skirt ago...

Gone are the days when being fashionable was all about following trends... Today's fashion scene is all about expressing yourself and creating your own individual style...

Today you may wear a flared dress from the 50's or a shift dress from the 60's.... Even celebrities like Heidi Klum and Victoria Beckham are carrying 70's bell-bottom style in the 21st Century...

So guys it’s time to mix-n-match... Innovate and create your own style... Start your own trend...

Long skirts were in vogue some years back in Bombay... Those were long with ethnic prints and colours and I owned a couple... I really like going around in long skirts... They are so comfortable and feminine...

When I saw this Forever New skirt, I simply couldn't stop myself from buying it... I love the nude-pink colour and the lovely fall of the fabric... It’s so stylish and elegant... It’s very western yet retains the feminine and comfort factor of long skirts...
And the best part is that I got it on a 70% discount ;)

Also I don't have to think before going around in a long skirt... as these days everything is in style :)

Skirt: Forever New
Top: from an exhibition in Bandra
Ring: Aldo
Neck-piece: Aldo
Shoes: Target

Thank you for reading...
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  1. Love the necklace and Skirt.
    You look lovely as always :)

  2. that's a super cute skirt! and also love your necklace as well :) visit my blog if you don't mind, follow me :p

    Missing Bee

  3. Nice style, loved the skirt!

    Thanks for your comment! We can sure follow each other, I'm a follower of your blog now :)


  4. I love your rings and matching necklace also

    for more visit


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