Ethnic @ Heart...

Definitely that's what I am... Ethnic @ heart... I may have all sorts of western "must-haves" or  stuff that are in trend in my closet.. but when it comes to anything ethnic, anything Indian, its completely a different bargain! 

Artistic, colorful, royal, elegant, traditional, beautiful... is what ethnic makes you feel!

Orange-Pink combo is my latest favorite when it comes to ethnic-wear... I think its a very traditional yet a trendy combo which everyone should try out... Add a dash of any third colour to this combo and it does wonders!

A dash of turquoise here.. you can also add colors like yellow, navy blue, green and many other contrasts to this combo...

And of-course, dull gold is something that can never go wrong with anything ethnic! 

A fun tip for your nails : If you find your nail polish at the tip of your nails are chipping away, try coloring it at the tip with another color... much like French Manicure... but you can color the top half of your nail instead of just the tip... Here i have re-colored the top half with red over the pink color which i had on for few days... 
If the nail polishes are shades of the same colour then it gives a very pretty shaded effect to your nails.. you can also go wild with totally contrast colours! 

Kurta, Cudidar & Dupatta: Fab India
Ring : Aldo
Earrings: Colaba Causeway
Bangles: Colaba Causeway
Shoes: Colaba Causeway

Hope you all like it... and all those who haven't tried ethnic.. go try it!



  1. The outfit looks very pretty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. wow you´re pretty ! i like your blog! maybe we follow each other!? let me know :) greetings www.yuliekendra.com

  3. Feel the same for ethnic wear. They always do the trick.
    Loving the Orange-Pink Combination. You look great :)

  4. you seriously look best in Indian! shooo cute u look!! and that ring is just mindblowing! even the bangle and earring look so good! and the colaba shoes man! ur so lucky to get that colour! its nowhere to be seen anymore!! Hmpf!
    really nice pics! :)


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