The Infamous "Fashionista"

I read this somewhere "Yes, I like fashion... no, I'm not superficial and materialistic" and couldn't stop myself from writing this post right away...it's so true that those who love fashion are so wrongly judged of being shallow and superficial...
Besides the branded clothes and perfect shoes for every outfit, I am very much a regular girl...
NO.. In fact.. .With all the branded clothes, the perfect shoes for every outfit, the running after discounts and looking for street stalls for accessories at every chance I get.... I am pretty much a regular girl...

The knowledge of Fashion helps me create a style of my own... my individuality..
 It gives me confidence..It defines me...

My Style is a very important aspect of who I am... a part of me... I may have developed it over the years  or I may have it naturally...  but I love it and respect it like every other aspect of my personality, my life... Like my paintings, my music, my dance, my cooking, the movies I like, my communication skills, the books I read.. it's very much a part of me.. It's also an incredible stress buster like the other stuff I enjoy doing..

Even in a literal sense, my style is always with me... backing me up at every STEP saying "YOU LOOK GREAT TODAY!"

Having a great sense of style is a true gift that not all can possess ....I admire People who are stylish and in poise without an effort... very much like those who can dance so elegantly that you feel like it's almost natural...sing so well that u feel it's god gifted...  we all secretly hope to be like them... and I respect them all!

Shopping for accessories and clothes in order to add to your dear collection is no less materialistic than wanting to add DVDs and CDs.... or downloading for movies and songs for your dear collection...
 It's not superficial... because its dear to you... it's yours and no one can relate to it more than you do..

I am pretty much a regular girl... clumsy at times.. sloppy and lazy... I have specs and do not have a perfect face or figure... But I am little more than a regular girl if I do it "in style"!!  ;)

So...yes I LOVE fashion..and no I am not materialistic and superficial!

 Skirt: $5
Top: Cotton On, $5
Cardigan: Paper Scissors, Got two colors in $15
Necklace: Aldo, Buy one get one free deal
Ring: Hill road, Bandra, small stall

Fashion and being in style is not at all about brands and spending huge amount of money...

Shreeja :)


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