The Perfect Strawberries

 How do strawberries actually taste like? I had never really had them until very recently... I mean I dint really know how strawberries were supposed to taste like.. :P

I remember the 1st time I had them as a kid... I was very excited because  like everybody else I  was always drawn to the strawberry pink.. the strawberry flavour ...  the strawberry scent... the strawberry picture and the name itself...  "strawberry"!!
But when I tasted them.. I dint quite understand what the whole hype was about... it was something very plain..  It was fruit-like but dint even remotely taste delicious like other fruits...  like say pineapple :P
I thought of strawberry milkshakes and jams and syrups and ice creams! They r all so sweet and  yummy...

When I told people they said it's because you don't really get perfect  strawberries in India.. hmm..  maybe.. Still I kept having them here and there, hoping to find the perfect sweet strawberries... but I was never quite happy with what i had...

Last week in Fremantle, Perth I did find the perfect strawberries!
But they were not sweet... they were sour too... a perfect blend of sweet & sour... and I Loved them! More than the sweet milkshakes & ice creams... because they were real...

Hence I say ... Perfect  is a blend of sweet & sour...much like life.. a perfect life is never only sweet...  but a beautiful  blend of sweet & sour! :)

And this is what I wore to Fremantle.. when I found my perfect strawberries..
A very simple comfortable wear for a Sunday outing... 

And here is how great Fremantle looked with all its heritage buildings and vintage feel...

A cute little store that i came across... very creatively done.. 

And here are my perfect Strawberries!

Necklace, Ring, Sandals : Aldo
Top: Cotton On
Shorts: Hill road, Bandra.


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  1. Wowww!!! Amazing Photography!!! All through the blog actually..


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