Three dots...

Those who read my posts might have noticed that I don't use punctuation in my writings... rather I don't use them  in an appropriate way... The way they are supposed to be used by the rules... I do not quite like the idea of punctuation... I mean we do not use them while talking... why do we need them while writing ??!!

I think they restrict the free flow of emotions... this flow stops when you have to put a full stop... or a coma...

I like these three dots that I use... It comes to me naturally while putting down my thoughts... They give me the scope to expand.. to elaborate..to continue... to connect similar thoughts... to be on the same page or even move on to a new thought...

So break free from the rules... fly free..create your own however small they are... as small as these three dots...  and live by them... ;)

Coming to my look here... It's a very boho-ethnic  comfy look...That jacket is one of my favorites... I Got it from a small shop called Naksh... they get all their stuff from Jaipur... good stuff!

Hope u guys enjoy the Pics!

Jacket: Naksh, Bombay
Neck-piece: Diva
On Wrists: Necklace from Accessorize
Ring: Bandra, hill road
Boots : are new and cheap and I'm loving them!! :)

Thank you for reading my post... Also leave your comments as it is important to know your views :)



  1. this one is the best post u have made and ur jacket and accessories goes very well with ur outfit. ur nailpolish looks very trendy and nice. i loved all the photos. my compliements goes to the photographer. u look great in the third photograph..... the standing one

    1. Thank you sooo much! :)
      I will convey ur msg to the photographer!

  2. omg love your outfit! It is amazing! you look really pretty, and thank you for the wonderfull comment on my blog!


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