I'm walking on sunshine...

We all know the feeling when the warmth of sunshine is on your face after a long night...or on an exceptionally chilly day...It brings smiles to our faces...A day without sunshine wouldn't be a day... 
it would be just night.

Likewise a life without hope can only be dark... Do not worry too much in life...
"If you worry about the coming storm, you wont be able to enjoy the sunshine"

Sunshine stands for hope... aspirations... light... laughter... spark... Never let the spark within you wear off..
You must carry your own sunshine wherever you go..

 Walk your journey of life on your own sunshine...a journey filled with hope, aspirations, laughter, light and spark! :)

I had been toying with the idea of trying my own "Print on Print" look for quite some time now... I wanted to try out something from my existing wardrobe rather than buying a new pair printed trouser or skirt...
I had this printed tunic/dress which I had bought from a beach boutique in Mauritius.. Its a simple beach dress but has this absolutely vibrant and cool print.. I love the colours!

Like I had said in my previous post about this trend here  I was trying to match it with a smaller print.. Polkas or dot-like prints usually go with all sorts of prints... 

The Shirt and Pinafore style is definitely giving the look an edge :)

Shirt: Zara
Dress: Boutique in Mauritius
Bag: Accessorize
Rings: Diva
Necklace: Diva
Shoes: Ruby shoes

Photography by Gautam Jadhav

Hope you guys are inspired enough to try some mix and match of prints from your wardrobe.... and set to take on the "Print on Print" trend!
I'm still not thoroughly done experimenting with this trend... Lot of prints in my wardrobe waiting to go with each other ;)



Truly yours...

 “I don't understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little - if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that's the day she has a date with destiny. And it's best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.” 
by Coco Chanel

I believe that one must always look their best... having a perfect face or a figure may not be in our hands... but looking our best is!

Last month's Vogue Australia had a beautiful article by Julia Alvarez... she is a Dominican-American poet, novelist, and essayist... So fit, stylishsuave and absolutely gorgeous for her age!

She perfectly explains what the importance of looking good is all about... by giving some beautiful examples...

Why do people dress up when they attend important functions or weddings?? It's a way of honoring others... it's a way of saying that if nothing else we bring you our best
She says "Beauty is really the gift we give to another."

In her article she mentions how she came across many houses in a small village... where a couple of tiny houses caught her attention because they had beautifully kept courtyards and little flowering plants on both sides of the entrance...
they didn't have any more than the others... but what they had, they made it so beautiful!
"That is the beauty that comes from caring and loving of what is there..."

Caring and Loving does not only mean dressing up in good clothes and wearing good shoes... Its more about being fit and healthy... get that natural glow on your face and half the work is done!

Take care and love yourself!!

Coming to my look here... I'm wearing denims after ages!! Though I believed denims are one of the most comfortable clothing, I found heaven in wearing leggings and cotton trousers the whole of last year... 

But still... nothing matches up to the charm of the classic blue denim! Right??
and going monochromatic with blue can never really go wrong... it's always pleasant...

This top is my darling... had left it in India and somehow got it couriered to Perth! Phew!
I love the silhouette....the collar... the sleeves... it's something that would look smart on any body-type...
Plus so comfy!

Top: Vero Moda
Denims: Pepe
Sling Bag : Accessorize
Ring: Accessorize
Shoes: En-route
Neck-piece: My mom got it for me longgggg time back! :)

Photography by Gautam Jadhav
People keep saying that they love the photographs on my blog and the photographer deserves a mention... I couldn't agree more!! :)

Also I have shot for the " Print on Print" trend and I'm so eager to share it with you guys!
Will be posting it real soon!!

Lastly... Life isn't tied with a bow... but still is a gift! :)
Hence cherish it to the fullest...
Look your best! Always!



A flower here and a petal there...

The print on print trend or the Clashing prints trend... whatever you may call it... but it's definitely something that has caught my fancy... It's a 2012 trend and here I am totally in awe of this trend when the year is about to end... But the coming season too is all about prints! So I'm all up for it!

This trend again like the sequins trend is quite tricky... and also a daring one... not many would like to adopt this trend... So here are some tips to try this trend in two different ways!

The sober way...

1) Make-up: Try to keep your hair and make-up toned down... You can go for nude make-up to tone down your look 
2) The printed dress: This is your best and safest buy! Tone it down with neutral heels and bags. 
 3) The printed pant: These are really bold by themselves hence team it up with a solid coloured top for sober take on this trend. 
 4) Rules: Mix a large print with a smaller print if you want to. Opt for the smaller print on the largest part of your body as it is more slimming.

The wild way!!

1) Make-up: If you are daring, then you could add a red or neon lip to this look with great effect!
 2) The printed dress: The ones ready to take on this trend should wear clashing, bold accessories and printed bags!
 3) The printed pants:  Wanna experiment with different prints?? Team them with another print top (it must not match)!!! What fun!!
 4) Rules: The rule here is that there are no rules! Go for really clashing prints and accessories! The wrongs are all right!

So what do you guys have to say??!!Cant wait to experiment with this trend in many different ways... soon will be posting them here for you!

 In the meanwhile, tell me which of the two ways you wanna go? Sober or Wild?!!



Comfort over style...

We all get into a tricky spot when it comes to choosing between comfort and style...Many of us vouch for the fact that we wear only what is comfortable... but again we all know that it's rarely true...very rarely do style and fashion go completely hand in hand...especially when foot wear is concerned.. 

I too was in a great dilemma when I had to decide what to wear on a Saturday morning... when I knew I had a lot of walking around to do buying a long list of items from here and there... but also it was going to be a  walk around some of the city's most happening streets... My mind kept going to my super comfy Adidas sneakers.. but at the same time felt like dressing up!
So that's when i thought... whats the point of being a fashion lover if I cannot manage to put together a look which is not only cool but also super comfy for a long walk out in the city...

I had a lovely time walking around in my dear shoes that are so soft and bouncy :P

Transforming something very comfortable into a style statement is what individual style is all about... so next time you are tempted to go for comfort instead of style, don't think too much... turn your comfort into style.. :) 

Neck lace & Rings: Diva
T-shirt: Street shop @ Lokhandwala, Bombay
Shorts: Lifestyle, India
Denim shirt: Just Jeans

Also i would like to share with you my excitement of having featured in the look10 Award! :D

Here is how you can check it out!


Men's Classics...

 I would slowing like to starting about Men's trends and Men's fashion and some grooming tips for them... since not much is being written and talked about it in blogging world... 

For starters I would like to show something very basic yet very valid and useful... 
Some of Men's Fashion trends that would never go out of style... and a must have in each guy's wardrobe 

Minimal and Casual these are some classic trends which would never fade.. Wear them the right way(very important) and you will never go wrong...
For now I would like to keep it short and sweet in this area... very soon will come with latest in Men's Fashion

Hope you guys liked the post..


Fun DIYs :)

We all come across DIYs and I'm sure what I have tried is nothing very new... but i still enjoyed doing it and would love to share with you guys! :)

1) Denim Shirt 

1) Hubby/Dad's old denim shirt, full sleeved.
2) Cut of the sleeve, do not cut over the denim stitch it may look unfinished
3/4) I have used dull gold beads of an old pair of earrings. U may use sequins, studs, coloured beads. Though i personally feel metallic goes well with denims
5) Sew the beads on to the collar. U may also embellish the shoulders or pockets.
6) I attached an old dull gold chain for extra drama!
Since the to was baggy the shoulders form a cap sleeved silhouette
Tip: Button the shirt right up to the collar for smarter look!

2) Accessory Holder

All you need is a dry branch and an empty wine bottle!!
A very efficient and super cool way to keep you accessories :)

3) Fun ways to display photographs

I love to have photographs... I have them all over my house... more than framing them I like to have them loose... this way they are flexible and you can keep changing the way you display them from time to time  ;)

Clip it on a string... this is quite common but very cute!

Stick it on a cool paper bag!

On your pen stand :P

Clip it again.... on these tiny clip stands that I found at Ikea :)

4) Wall Hanging

Four squares of canvas... Paint randomly using different colours... Let the colours merge well... Let the paint dry completely... Draw pretty shaped leaves or flowers using a sketch pen or marker or even black paint! Draw it in such a way that the branch of leaves look continuous going from one block to another!

Simple easy fun DIYs that you can easily try out.
Hope you guys liked the post!
If any of you try these, do let me know how it turned out! :)