A flower here and a petal there...

The print on print trend or the Clashing prints trend... whatever you may call it... but it's definitely something that has caught my fancy... It's a 2012 trend and here I am totally in awe of this trend when the year is about to end... But the coming season too is all about prints! So I'm all up for it!

This trend again like the sequins trend is quite tricky... and also a daring one... not many would like to adopt this trend... So here are some tips to try this trend in two different ways!

The sober way...

1) Make-up: Try to keep your hair and make-up toned down... You can go for nude make-up to tone down your look 
2) The printed dress: This is your best and safest buy! Tone it down with neutral heels and bags. 
 3) The printed pant: These are really bold by themselves hence team it up with a solid coloured top for sober take on this trend. 
 4) Rules: Mix a large print with a smaller print if you want to. Opt for the smaller print on the largest part of your body as it is more slimming.

The wild way!!

1) Make-up: If you are daring, then you could add a red or neon lip to this look with great effect!
 2) The printed dress: The ones ready to take on this trend should wear clashing, bold accessories and printed bags!
 3) The printed pants:  Wanna experiment with different prints?? Team them with another print top (it must not match)!!! What fun!!
 4) Rules: The rule here is that there are no rules! Go for really clashing prints and accessories! The wrongs are all right!

So what do you guys have to say??!!Cant wait to experiment with this trend in many different ways... soon will be posting them here for you!

 In the meanwhile, tell me which of the two ways you wanna go? Sober or Wild?!!



  1. love all these pictures. Print on print is something even we have on our mind at the moment. :)


    1. following you now. Hope you follow us back !!!


  2. Love your blog Shreeja! Prints on prints is something I always wanted to do :)

    I am your new follower, would love if you visit my blog and follow it :))

    xoxo <3


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