Comfort over style...

We all get into a tricky spot when it comes to choosing between comfort and style...Many of us vouch for the fact that we wear only what is comfortable... but again we all know that it's rarely true...very rarely do style and fashion go completely hand in hand...especially when foot wear is concerned.. 

I too was in a great dilemma when I had to decide what to wear on a Saturday morning... when I knew I had a lot of walking around to do buying a long list of items from here and there... but also it was going to be a  walk around some of the city's most happening streets... My mind kept going to my super comfy Adidas sneakers.. but at the same time felt like dressing up!
So that's when i thought... whats the point of being a fashion lover if I cannot manage to put together a look which is not only cool but also super comfy for a long walk out in the city...

I had a lovely time walking around in my dear shoes that are so soft and bouncy :P

Transforming something very comfortable into a style statement is what individual style is all about... so next time you are tempted to go for comfort instead of style, don't think too much... turn your comfort into style.. :) 

Neck lace & Rings: Diva
T-shirt: Street shop @ Lokhandwala, Bombay
Shorts: Lifestyle, India
Denim shirt: Just Jeans

Also i would like to share with you my excitement of having featured in the look10 Award! :D

Here is how you can check it out!



  1. Thanks for taking the post.
    That's very kind.
    Greetings and love

  2. You look awesome !! Love the dressing !!


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