Fun DIYs :)

We all come across DIYs and I'm sure what I have tried is nothing very new... but i still enjoyed doing it and would love to share with you guys! :)

1) Denim Shirt 

1) Hubby/Dad's old denim shirt, full sleeved.
2) Cut of the sleeve, do not cut over the denim stitch it may look unfinished
3/4) I have used dull gold beads of an old pair of earrings. U may use sequins, studs, coloured beads. Though i personally feel metallic goes well with denims
5) Sew the beads on to the collar. U may also embellish the shoulders or pockets.
6) I attached an old dull gold chain for extra drama!
Since the to was baggy the shoulders form a cap sleeved silhouette
Tip: Button the shirt right up to the collar for smarter look!

2) Accessory Holder

All you need is a dry branch and an empty wine bottle!!
A very efficient and super cool way to keep you accessories :)

3) Fun ways to display photographs

I love to have photographs... I have them all over my house... more than framing them I like to have them loose... this way they are flexible and you can keep changing the way you display them from time to time  ;)

Clip it on a string... this is quite common but very cute!

Stick it on a cool paper bag!

On your pen stand :P

Clip it again.... on these tiny clip stands that I found at Ikea :)

4) Wall Hanging

Four squares of canvas... Paint randomly using different colours... Let the colours merge well... Let the paint dry completely... Draw pretty shaped leaves or flowers using a sketch pen or marker or even black paint! Draw it in such a way that the branch of leaves look continuous going from one block to another!

Simple easy fun DIYs that you can easily try out.
Hope you guys liked the post!
If any of you try these, do let me know how it turned out! :)



  1. The DIY denim shirt looks great! I also like the accessory holder!

    Greetings from Austria

  2. I love all the DIY's. Really nice. Love your blog too.

  3. nice DIY! might try some at home, I really love the first one


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