Head over heels...

My 1st Collar Necklace! Its a trend that came in last season.... may be its even time for it to go out of trend... but what i find strange is, in-spite of these being such gorgeous pieces of accessory, they didn't quite become that popular...

 But I found mine!! and justtt the right one.. and I'm totally truly madly deeply in love with it! 

This piece has wonderfully blended in with rest of the picture - the rings and the cardigan and the dusty pink colour!

And the interesting thing about this look is that it constitutes all my favorites! The cardigan, the skirt, the top and the boots! They are all very dear to me as they are all really unique pieces... and very versatile too..

I adore this dusky pink ruffled cardigan for its chic and soft look... its very feminine yet crisp... can easily be transformed into a part of an office ensemble...

The skirt is very smartly constructed to suit any body type... its jersey layer inside fits well to the body.. and the flowy outer layer gives it a very feminine touch... also its a great cover to hide if you are heavy on your hips...

I am completely in love with this light neon pink Mango top... Its a very simple silhouette yet very smart and versatile... The colour, the sleeves, the zipper at the back and the fall of the fabric - altogether makes a top that looks great when worn with anything... 

Lastly my boots! Always wanted to own a pair... but never really had a chance to carry them off in a city like Bombay... 
I went for very comfortable, no heels, tan coloured boots... and i totally love the way it goes with anything and everything!

Rings: Aldo

Hope you guys enjoyed the post


  1. nice outfit !, I am addicted to collar necklaces,although I still have to find the perfect one for me!

  2. Love your blog..KEep up the good work!
    Following, now!

    Shubhi's Revels!

  3. I love this post of yours.. Each cloth and each accessory is very unique and desirable in itself..!! :)


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