I'm walking on sunshine...

We all know the feeling when the warmth of sunshine is on your face after a long night...or on an exceptionally chilly day...It brings smiles to our faces...A day without sunshine wouldn't be a day... 
it would be just night.

Likewise a life without hope can only be dark... Do not worry too much in life...
"If you worry about the coming storm, you wont be able to enjoy the sunshine"

Sunshine stands for hope... aspirations... light... laughter... spark... Never let the spark within you wear off..
You must carry your own sunshine wherever you go..

 Walk your journey of life on your own sunshine...a journey filled with hope, aspirations, laughter, light and spark! :)

I had been toying with the idea of trying my own "Print on Print" look for quite some time now... I wanted to try out something from my existing wardrobe rather than buying a new pair printed trouser or skirt...
I had this printed tunic/dress which I had bought from a beach boutique in Mauritius.. Its a simple beach dress but has this absolutely vibrant and cool print.. I love the colours!

Like I had said in my previous post about this trend here  I was trying to match it with a smaller print.. Polkas or dot-like prints usually go with all sorts of prints... 

The Shirt and Pinafore style is definitely giving the look an edge :)

Shirt: Zara
Dress: Boutique in Mauritius
Bag: Accessorize
Rings: Diva
Necklace: Diva
Shoes: Ruby shoes

Photography by Gautam Jadhav

Hope you guys are inspired enough to try some mix and match of prints from your wardrobe.... and set to take on the "Print on Print" trend!
I'm still not thoroughly done experimenting with this trend... Lot of prints in my wardrobe waiting to go with each other ;)



  1. Good post. I love your dress, I love the way you have penned down this post, n last but not the least, love ur style. Godd job, n keep it up.

    1. Thank u so much Aditi... I'm really glad tht u like my posts and follow them... it's a gr8 encouragement! :)

  2. wow....... print on print is amazingly good. well done shreeja

  3. love you print on print post. All the pieces are really cohesive.


  4. nice post. thnx fr your comment dear. sure we can follow each other
    I already have. hope you follow me back.
    xo sabbi

  5. you are beautiful! I love this outfit, so colorful and stylish! :)
    wanna follow each other?xoxo

  6. Love the colors on that dress!
    Would you be interested in followin each other?
    Best, Zia

  7. Love the dress. The colours are so vibrant.

  8. Great colors in the outfit... love the necklace!



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