21st Dec 2012! The so called Doomsday... never believed it... didn't even realise the day is already here until I saw so many facebook statuses today regarding it...  :P
Anyhow...I choose this day to express how absolutely wonderful this year has been... Amazingly beautiful... romantic and  fun.. So full of twists and turns.. uncertainties that looked like they were here to stay... and the sudden rays of hope that appeared at every corner... 

This is the year that I got married... to my bestest friend ever...
 How many of us wish that our best friend lived next door?? 
Well my best friend lives in the same house with me! :p
We used to joke many years back that if we both were single till 2012, we would get married...looks like the heavens heard it.. and we fell in love... and we got married in 2012!!! :)
To describe him here would take a lot more posts... but in short he's my friend, philosopher and guide (very cliche' eh?? :p)...he's my Chandler Bing!! :D  and the sweetest, most humble human being I've ever met!
My most favourite thing about him is his poetry, and a book full of poems, just for me! :)

This is also the year I shifted to Perth... A small city in Western Australia... Initially I found it very boring.. as it is completely opposite to a happening city like Bombay... but now I've started loving it here... It's scenically beautiful but also so rich socially... I have never really seen a more family oriented city than Perth... So many family events, so many festivals.. So many social gatherings where the city comes together to celebrate... babies, kids, parents, youngsters and couples... all at the same place... 
It's definitely a city to actually "live" life.. people relax and spend more time with their loved ones than spending all their time earning money and running after their careers.. 
Never had really looked at life so differently.. :)

This is the year I started Pineapple-ish... :)
It's my dear blog... Still trying to get better.. trying my best with each post... pouring my heart out.. expressing myself... taking the pleasure of enjoying all the compliments that I get here... Educating myself more from the other wonderful blogs and people I come across..
Trying out new looks... using it as an excuse to shop one dress after another... and so much more...

Finally this is the year I found an internship at an awesome company called as Colosoul... a non-profit media group where I volunteer as a fashion assistant... amazing concept of giving creative people hands-on experience in their respective field!
I work with a bunch of utterly creative and hard working people... the energy in the tiny space of our office is unbelievable... and so much to do..so glad I stumbled  upon this opportunity... 

So this was my 2012 where none of my goals made in 2011 were achieved... nothing materialized... no promises were kept...
 Life didn't move even an inch as planned! 
But what happened was just loads better than what I planned! :)
So don't make any plans.. just go on!! 

Top: Zara
Skirt: Zara
Necklace: Diva
Ring: Diva
Sling: Accessorize

Thank you for reading
Happy Christmas & Happy New year!


  1. Beautiful post..u r a lucky girl shreeja..make sure you counts your blessings each day..superb styling. Good job.

  2. love your skirt, looking great!!
    2012 was a great year for you, getting married to your best friend, starting this amazing blog.

  3. loved the post and loved how you describe him as Chandler Bing..
    You are a lucky girl dear..

    I already follow you and if you like mine too, follow me back..


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  5. What a great outfit and you can always dress it up with heels. I like combinations like this one, suitable for any time of day and you do look so lovely in vibrant colours. What a nice and optimistic post. Congrats on getting married, I also ties the know this year:)

  6. 2012 was the year I got engaged, got my dream job and started RKP..
    It was the best year for me as well! :)

  7. The skirt is so adorable.My 2013-to-be sounds a lot like your 2012...but then again...you never know wt might change ;)

    1. heyyy shreya! All d best!! Hope for the best!! :)

  8. Nice Post!! Your husband sounds like a great guy!! :P Oh but you forgot to mention he is very modest too!!
    - Your Husband.

  9. LOVE this color combo! aha- I see your husband left a comment. so cute! mustard is such a great color with navy!

    God bless,

    Oh, I would also like to invite you to come visit my blog and enter my international giveaway!(I think you may have already entered though!) Actually, I'm almost positive you already did...but anyways, it's my first giveaway and is celebrating the 1 year of my blog as well as Christmas! It is super cute and has hello kitty, jewelry, art and inspirational gifts! :D I look forward to your visit! Here is the link: http://beyoutifulhope.blogspot.com/2012/12/international-giveaway-hello-kitty.html

    Merry Christmas& happy birthday Jesus,

  10. Wow. You inspire me in so many ways that words aren't enough to express myself. Hope your good fortune stays with you forever. beautiful post and gorgeous photos! i'm going ga ga over the skirt!! Mad combo! :D

  11. This is ur best blog ever!! Its so good to see Shreej open up :)

    p.s. Love ur skirt...

    @The Husband : The last pic - Awesome photography!!

  12. I love the skirt!!!! :)
    Just started following u!



  13. thank you for the sweet encouragement lovely!
    glad you love the picks. hope I can gather more inspirations in the future :)
    great combination by the way~ polka blouse with a pop of neon yellow. so cute!! (totally against the gloomy feel of doomsday)


  14. Cute outfit!!love your skirt!!

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