Bye-Bye 2012

Heyyyy.... this is the last post of 2012... I don't plan to write much nor do I have a shoot/look here... I already had a big post on how amazing my 2012 was...  but I felt like having a last 2012 good bye post... so just few clicks that I got clicked on a random summer day! 
Hope you guys had an amazing Christmas and are making big plans for New Year's Eve!

I will be on a short break shoot wise.... means no new pictures or looks for some time... though the posts will keep coming... may be I will do some men's fashion posts as requested by a friend :)

Thank u all!
Wishing you a very Happy New Year!


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  2. hi shreeja..... enjoyed seeing each and every post of 2012..... all the posts had to convey something or the other......either about fashion or about looks or accessories.... keep posting ur good posts.... wishing u a very happy and prosperous new year..... and a year full of opportunities to develop ur talent.

  3. Thank u Ragini! :)
    Wish you a very very Happy New year too!!

  4. Hi sweetheart!!

    I envy you,you live in a beautifull warm and sunny country!!
    where as over here it is cold and grey lol
    you look so pretty and cute in every single picture
    your style is very versatile en so effortless!!

    I wish you the best 2013 you could ever wish for
    and looking forward to many more posts of you!!

    xoxo kisses from cold Amsterdam:))) xoxo



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