Evolution of Women!!

Enough is said and done about how and what should be done to a rapist! All the protests and cries will die out soon. Protesters will stop protesting and the government, police and law will stay where it is.
You and me, we women are going to be left alone to fight this battle single handed. I have thought over this a 100 times and I can see no better solution to this problem.
Do not carry a pepper spray alone, carry a knife along with it, if your dad/bro owns a gun, carry it with you! Spray the pepper, stab/shoot the guy! 

If there is a woman being raped every 18 hours in Delhi, let there be at least 2 men dying or attacked or serious in hospital every day in Delhi! Don't spare him even if he's just touching or molesting you! We have lived in fear for too long, now its their time to live in fear!
You don't have to be afraid of the so called law. Are these bastards afraid of the law?? Do they have the right and permission to rape??No! So why should we be afraid?? And anyways self-defense is the biggest law of nature! It's high time we also learn something from the wild animals!
One of us may get arrested or punished or hung for murder, but it's better to die by protecting our self, our self esteem and pride than getting raped and letting the bastard go free!
If you are in such a situation, there are just two ways, you either kill them or get raped. And you are not even doing it for some one else, its for yourself! Its difficult when many men attack, but at least there should be a start, there should be a fear among such men.

India is anyways a mess, its chaos, lets make it more chaotic, let there be many more killings, but the only difference being these killings will be completely justified!
If you are a girl, and I'm really suggesting this very seriously to all you girls out there, start a karate/kick boxing class today!
Schools should right away start free, compulsory karate/kick-boxing classes right from KG level only for girls! Let every girl in India be a Black belt! Schools should also educate the boys and tell them what a girl undergoes when she's raped! All this must be done right away! Ask your schools and colleges to start self defense classes!

If Rani Jhansi could kill so many men, why can't we??!! I know I'm talking about killing people here, but do we have a choice?? How long can we wait around like this?? Raping an innocent is much worse than killing a potential rapist! Don't let the anger die!! Why shouldn't we have a medieval punishment for a medieval crime??

Let there be so many killings that the government is forced to make stronger laws! Let there be so many killings that the sex ratio goes 1500/1000 from 940/1000!! Let there be so many killings that parents wish for a girl instead of a boy cos there is a very high chance of him getting killed by a girl!!

If you have recently given birth to a baby girl, and have big dreams for her, then forget about sending her to singing/dancing and painting classes, send her for sports, make her fit and strong! Women should no more be submissive, shy or accommodating, they should be aggressive, feisty and strong!
And if you have recently given birth to a boy teach him to behave himself if you don't want him to be killed in future for touching a girl inappropriately!
Do not let them take away our freedom to dress the way we want, our freedom to live the way we want!!
Let's start the process of evolution of Indian Women!
Pepper spray plus knife, spray and STAB without any second thoughts! (Better ideas are most welcome!) KILL THEM!!


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  2. Very strong thoughts! Basically your just putting down whats going on in most of the girls mind on this post! Well done.

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