Fashion Resolutions ;)

So it's that time of the year again when we talk about resolutions...  So how about we make some Fashion resolutions this year??!!

I have come across some people who are blissfully unaware of some basic and general principles of etiquette... I would like to categorize these under Fashion... Here they go...

Invest in a good perfume/deodorant!!
Its a must! Do I have to explain how it feels when the person next to you smells bad??!! We all know it... and still we all conveniently forget it when it comes to us! 

Do not forget to Wax!!
There is no excuse to not waxing.... Hands and legs are usually taken care of... but what about the times when you are wearing a sleeveless/tube dress??! Be extra cautious!! 

Well manicured/pedicured nails!!
You can actually judge people from how clean and well maintained their nails are! 
Its not at all about applying colorful nail polishes.... you can go without applying any polish at all but they have to be well maintained.... 
Chipped nail polish looks bad... and what's worse is having the nails of the left hand long and coloured and the right hand short!! It's funny!! Please treat both hands equally... they are both yours  :P

Along with today's look here... I come to some fashion experimentation and some tips that you can try out next year!

Try different silhouettes... experiment with silhouettes because now you get so much more than shirts and t-shirts and basic lbds... try a peplum, a one shoulder and tube dress if you have never tried one... but do make sure you are comfortable in them.. you can take things slowly... no point in wearing something that you are not confident in... but don't stop yourself from trying different things if you really want to...

I was very wary of wearing tubes a few years ago... but now I'm really comfortable in them... I might look plump.. my shoulders and arms are not really perfect for a tube but still I feel confident in them and hence it looks good on me (I assume :P)
Also this is my 1st peplum dress!! Absolutely love this silhouette!! And it actually covers your problem area (your paunch :P) Try it out!!

It's the trickiest department of all.. you might have the dress, hair and accessories in place... and the footwear?? spoils the whole look!! So take extra care while choosing them..
Getting the footwear right is very essential! If you have your doubts.... go for nudes and neutrals... black and browns... beige and tans... they go with almost everything! Maintain your footwear... if they are dirty, please clean them... if they are torn stop using them if they are not repairable (I love all my footwear and get them repaired a lot of times as it is hard to let them go :P)

Since the colour of the dress speaks volumes :P I have toned down the accessories... beige footwear...

Colour Zone!
This time try and come out of your comfort zone... your colour zone... I have seen so many people who have a standard set of colours they buy... especially Indians are so insecure of their skin-tone that they keep thinking and rethinking about every colour! Wear every colour like you own it... wear it like it's your skin and you would be surprised how good it looks on you! 
If you are good at footwear selection already... you may even try colourful footwear... I have yellow gladiators! Will post it soon here... I love them!! 

The colour of my dress is Neon Orange!!! Can you beat that??!! :P
It actually is fluorescent orange (you cant really make it out here) that glows in dark discotheques... It actually makes me look more tan than I am... and I love it!!

So go out and try and experiment and keep the basics in mind too... Make your resolutions to a more fashionable year ahead... Don't hold yourself back!

And don't forget to Be confident in whatever you wear!! :)

Dress: Zara
Footwear: Zara
Necklace: Bandra, Hill road
Ring: ALdo

Thank you for reading!! 


  1. NICE TIPS!! especially about the hands. so true.... even i'm shy with experimenting with colours. will try something else this time :D
    Definitely making these my new year resolutions!! and my favorite is your second last photo! <3

  2. so true a nice perfume is a must for anyone, hard to sit next a person who doesn't smell good or descent.
    Love your dress, the color just pops on you and silhouette looks perfect on you. You look great!

  3. Love your dress Shreeja... You look AWESOME

  4. I love that dress,and I have seen it at Zara,and now I regret I never bought it lol

    you look fantastic in it doll
    and such great tips you share,great post!!

    xoxo Have a fab weekend Tamara Chloé


  5. Nice outfit.. :)
    looking great :)

    Rajani ^_^

  6. What a great dress and the color is amazing on you!
    Best, Zia


  7. Lovelyyy dress! My friend has the same dress, i absolutelyy loveee the color:)u look pretty!

  8. AMAZING look!


  9. Great advice. And WOW, you really know how to work your own silhouette! You look so gorgeous in that peplum, and the colour is beautiful on you!


  10. I love the dress! The peplum and the colour and both gorgeous on you. xE

  11. You look gorgeous with that peplum dress and I love the color of it!
    Come to visit my blog and, if you want, let's follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin and Facebook!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  12. love d entire look from d dress, accessories to d color.Nice.
    let's follow each other if u like to


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