Wind in my hair...

Heyyyy.... Won't be writing much today... Only a little about the shoot and my look... 

Perth is supposedly the third windiest city in the world... cool right??!! 
It is actually very awesome... It's windy almost everyday... and they say it's windy throughout the year!
In most of my posts you will notice how the wind keeps blowing my hair... I'm not complaining.. I like that "special effect" in my pictures :D
Most days while walking through the city... with so much wind in my hair... I feel like some female protagonist in a story or a movie... hehe... it's that awesome!
But it was particularly crazy this day....Hence couldn't get that many good pics... My hair too got really messed up!

After having posted so many western looks.. I was really itching to post something ethnic... earthy.. something real... 
Also an attempt to mix prints... checks with ethnic.... putting together many accessories

Also it's a trend to wear multiple watches these days... and I like it! ;P

As posted before... love this jacket... styled it differently last time.. look here...

Checks Shirt: Lifestyle, India
Jacket: Naksh, India
Denims: Pepe
Necklace: Promod
Ring: Aldo
Bangles: Diva
Necklace on Wrist: Diva
Bag: Baggit

Thank you for reading...


  1. beautiful photographs:) lovely outfit, I especially like the vest.

  2. Haha! Female protagonist it seems. Nice photography. Love the shoes and vest! Looking really pretty shreeja!

    1. hhahahah!! yaaa!! Feel tht way on many other occasions too! :P

  3. Good one..love the look n of course the wind effect.

  4. great pictures, living in the windiest mus be fun!!
    love that vest, love the way you paired it with plaid shirt.

  5. Love the ethnic with western mix. Also the neck piece has added a lot to the outfit.
    Nice one !

  6. I love this outfit! Of course we can follow each other! I am now following on gfc and bloglovin! Mind to follow me back?

  7. great look i like this outfit !!! Maybe we follow each other!? If yes let me know, follow me & i´ll follow back :) Many greetings www.yuliekendra.com

  8. looking great.. :D loved the outfit :)

  9. I heart that vest Shreeja. You look great!


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