And I'm walking on the waves...

While on the break I had planned to post about so many other things including men's fashion (hehehhe.. :D) I clearly didn't do any justice to those plans :P But I'm not disappointed in me because when I don't do something that I enjoy it's when I'm busy doing something that I love :D
So have been busy like hell these days... and I'm absolutely loving it.. this year couldn't have started better! *Touchwood*

So!! Finally I did a shoot... and that too at a Beach! 
I'm always thrilled at a beach, always awestruck by the magnificence of the sea...the sea, the waves, the sand, the sun (which I never enjoy anywhere else), the wind... Beaches have this immediate therapeutic effect on all your worries (not that I had any :P) but it was a refreshing break from the routine, from all the crazy, "all over the place" work format I have going on these days... so refreshing that coming back I had to coax myself for an entire day to get back to doing my work which I actually enjoy!

So I'm wearing a floral summer dress which is too comfortable to be true and my denim shirt which I think I have been blogging about a lot :P but you cannot blame me, denim shirts are just too versatile and cool to go with anything!
Those earrings?? Big kashmiri styled pretty ones.... I got them as a gift many years ago.. the silver goes with the whole colour palette, doesn't it?? :)



Cardigan Love!

I really love wearing cardigans... In vogue or not.. Jersey or Knit.. Coloured or Neutrals... I just have to have them almost always! 
Cardigans are so versatile and adds so much more to your look!
It's also something that adds a little more comfort in any look!
I own 8 cardigans presently and the hunt is on for more :P

This dress was a gift for my birthday... It's a floral-lace dress, very feminine cute and girly... but a little too feminine for my taste.. I usually don't go for pastels and florals if you guys have noticed... I had to feel more comfortable wearing it and so I added this fresh green Cardigan from Mango.
I love this colour and I actually blindly wear it with anything.. It just works!

Same cardigan again, this time it's colour blocking!
Greys, whites blacks pink.. you can literally add a dash of green to any of your looks! :)

Again a lovely mustard yellow colour! I bought this from Zara and found it a bit expensive but it's totally worth it! It's really stylish, I love the fit of the sleeves. The colour is so cool that you can wear it to a party! Also it hasn't shrunk, changed shape or colour even after so many washes!

Same cardigan worn with a tube dress... If you guys are uncomfortable with tube dresses, layering it with a cardigan is the way to go..

Another stunning colour... Electric Blue.. which almost never goes out of style.. I bought this here in Perth, Paper Scissors. I intentionally bought a size bigger in order to get a casual blazer sort of look.. The material though knit is such that it works for the blazer look perfectly!

This one from Vero Moda is quite different.. It's lemon yellow and has pretty lace at the back on shoulders..  It goes well with razor backs and tubes.
You can check out the above look-post here: http://pineapple-ish.blogspot.com.au/2012/11/little-things.html

With so many bright coloured ones I had to have a neutral one too..
It's again a size bigger and works very well for a formal look... Or even for adding a little drama to any look as shown above!

This ones my favourite and I'm sure it's obvious too! 
Love the colour.. Love the detailing.. the ruffles, everything about it!
It looks very English-royals inspired..I have to mostly team it up with black and neutrals..
You can check out the above look-post here: http://pineapple-ish.blogspot.com.au/2012/11/head-over-heels.html

Cardigans are the best way to layer a look.. add drama or a dash of colour.. Normal knit cardigans does wonders to your otherwise dull looking formals.. 
It can make you more comfortable and relaxed if you happened to be wearing something that you are not comfortable in.. It also makes you look slimmer by covering your love-handles or chubby arms! :P
I almost always carry one around in-case it suddenly gets windy or chilly.. happens a lot here in Perth!
Hence it's a close buddy and also justifies why I need more of these! :) :P

Pretty soon I will start shooting for new looks! Yay! :D


Sarees & Me

I love sarees! I would love to wear a saree everyday!
It's the most elegant, graceful and sensuous attire everrr! And I'm sure most Indian girls would agree with me!
Surprisingly (for others) I'm also extremely comfortable in them... which most girls are not... I just don't see what the hassle is about "managing" a saree! Just drape it and done... Like any other clothing!
 I remember Saree Day in my 10th grade where we seniors were supposed to take a class for the juniors. And one of the Subjects I had to take was P.T (Physical Training) :P
And we played Catch & Cook, Dodge ball and Kho-Kho, all while I was in a saree!
Had no problems at all! ;)

I have plenty more sarees, but here's a glimpse of some I have worn over the years! :) 
(Sorry for the picture quality)

Abstract Print - Georgette Saree

Printed Georgette Saree
I love this one because I think it's really stylish and has a western feel to it!

Olive green and Maroon Kota Saree
I love Kota Sarees... the fabric has a subtle ethnic vibe.... yet they are so stylish! Perfect for our generation I feel!

Blue and Maroon Kota
Another Kota Saree of mine.. which I adore! :)

 Off-White with Fuschia Border Kota
Yet another Kota... and so lovely... and I have this obsession about off-white Sarees! I absolutely love them! It's a "saree colour" for me :P

Pure Georgette Saree with Butti Print
Butti Prints are truly ethnic.. I love them in all Indian Wear

Pink and Gold! Artificial Georgette, Half Saree Style, designed by me

Rust and Navy!
Artificial Georgette with sequined border, Half Saree Style, designed by me
I don't have a full length pic :( 

My Wedding Saree
Off-white and Gold, Kerala Saree

Wedding Reception
Kanjeevaram Silk with Stone and Zardosi work



Honeymoon 2012.. my true self :P

Happy New Year lovelies... hope you all had a terrific time! I have been busy doing a lot of things... and like I said in my previous post, photo-shoot wise I'm taking a short break!!

I have been a asked a couple of times if I dress up even otherwise outside my blog posts... Well mostly I dress up as per the occasion, the surroundings, my mood and comfort! But i do dress UP! :)

Here's a glimpse of all my outfits that I wore on my honeymoon... well not all but pretty much all ;)

Cardigan: Vero Moda, T-shirt & Shorts: Lifestyle, Slippers: Lifestyle

Corset: Lifestyle, Trousers: Zara
Day time at the resort....From No kajal to kajal... have always used lots and lots of Kohl in my eyes!
Then and now, I don't use much make-up, but i do wish to start using make-up that looks pretty much natural and keeps me comfortable!

By night Same corset teamed with Skirt ( Vero Moda) for the Dinner at the hotel

Very comfy beach dress which I picked up from Mauritius itself!
Love the colours and so perfect & comfy for the beach! 
Flower pins in the head from Lifestyle, for the dramatic effect ;) and I surely pose a lot even when there is no photoshoot! :D

For a day out in the sun! Razor back, beads and green cropped pants!
Top & Pants from Lifestyle

For a romantic dinner at the shack! Printed jumpsuit from Colaba

Swim suit and sarong for the pool! 

Fancy dinner date at the Hotel, Black dress from AND
Heels: Inc5

At the beach again! This time wearing my hubby's shirt! Comfort and style of wearing a 
boyfriend-shirt need not be mentioned!

And my fav click on the trip! :)

Have been bare foot or in slippers most of the time!