Girl, what's on your mind??

What a herculean task getting ready is! Phew! Don't you girls agree??
 I don't think guys fuss so much.. I'm sure they don't :P
But we surely do... but that's what is fun about being a girl! Isn't it??!! :P
So here is just a very common scene out of every girl's life! ;)

Constant chattering (Hubby by now has perfected the art of not listening while pretending to listen and hence he seldom responds)

Should I wear the necklace?? It's black & white... like my dress... 
I don't know.. nothing else can be really worn with black & white
Am I looking too black & white??

May be I should wear something else..
It's not really a black & white occasion... It's a colourful ocassion.. It's more red-red occasion.. But red on valentines' day is... umm.. I don't know...I can't wear red on V-day... It's too much!

I wish I still had that pearl necklace of mine!

Ok.. I think I won't wear the necklace.. It's not really required...and this dress is final!! No more changes!!

Can I wear heels?? :P
Will you get angry if I wear heels?? (puppy-dog face)

(That's usually when hubby decides to respond..)
Why, why, why do you girls wear heels?? I can't believe you're still considering it after last time!

Yaa.. you are right.. this one is too uncomfortable.. I won't wear heels today... because I really want to dance today!! :) No heels it is!!

Do you know why I'm wearing this dress??!!
So I can carry my new purse!! :)

ORRRRR!!!!! :P :D ;)

I can remove my sandals and dance!!
Even while coming back I can walk bare foot! :P
So heels it is!


Why wear them at all??!!

You wont understand! :D

Ready to leave???!!!
Oh yes! I'm done.. Are we late?? 
20 minutes!

(Running back to the mirror to get a final glance)

Yup! Let's go!!

Give me 5 more minutes! Sooryyyy :P


I'm dressing up for you honey! :)

Yaaaaa Right!!! 

Dressing up sure is a task! But we sure enjoy each moment of it!! ;)
Enjoy dressing up for your date this evening... even if you don't have a date just dress up!
We celebrate "love" almost everyday just by being there... with them.. for them.. 
but since there is this special day tagged as the day of love by some...we girls can just use it as one more excuse for doing the thing we enjoy the most! "Dressing up"!!!

P.S: Please try not to wear all red  today :P

Dress: AND
Acessories: Lovisa
Bag: Forever new



Thousand and one things!

I have delayed and procrastinated a lot in the past week.. and so I had no choice but to post this right after the Liebster Award post... Hence My Liebster Award nominees please check out the previous post.. :)

Been long since the last time, when the ethnic bug in me was out... I had been itching to do something ethnic but couldn't get myself out in the summer sun wearing a complete ethnic ensemble... that's when I found this one! 
It's so comfy that these days I just put this on and go anywhere and everywhere!

Don't wanna write too much this time.. Thousand and one things on my mind right now... So I'm just leaving this here! Hehhee I know I'm not doing any justice to the title here... Sorry about that :P

Will be coming real soooooon with a special Valentine Post :)

Tunic/Dress : BIBA

Love Shreeja

My first Libster Award! :)

I have come across Libster award posts by other bloggers so many times and wondered and wished to be nominated! More so for the fun questions that people ask and you get to ask questions to other bloggers!
This award is for the new bloggers who have less than 300 followers. Shivali of Travel with Me, a blogger friend has nominated me and I'm very very very thankful to her! :)

 Answer the questions the tagger has asked you.
List 10 bloggers you nominate and link them in the post. Let them know.
Create 10 questions for the bloggers you have tagged to answer.

My Answers to Questions by Shivali

1) In Vogue or Own Style Trends?
Currently I'm obsessing over "prints"
2) Your Passion
 My work
3) Favorite Accessory
 Big rings!
4) Compulsive shopper or Smart shopper
 Smartly calculated shopping.
5) Pants or Skirts/Dresses
Dresses! I love the idea of a dress because it always is for "special" occasions.
6) Stilettos or Wedges
Wedges! I wish I could manage to walk in Stilettos!
7) Your Style Icon
I admire women who are gracefully and effortlessly stylish and their personalities are a part of their style! Hence Salma Hayek, Vidya Balan and Audrey Tautou
8) A must have makeup product
Not very much of a make-up person but I swear by Colossal kajal by Maybelline and Lip Balm by Body shop.
9) Favorite thing about your blog
The name "Pineapple-ish" :)
10) One thing that you wish to have in your wardrobe
A leather jacket/blazer! Will get it very soon! ;)

My Nominees! (Not in any order of preference or so..)

My Questions

What's your personal style??
 What/who inspires you the most in life?
 Which designer inspires you the most and why??
 What does blogging mean to you personally?
 Which is your favourite fashion movie??
 Best fashion classic according to you??
 Worst fashion fad according to you??
 Which celebrity would you like to style yourself??
 Which is your favourite blog and why??
 If you had a career in fashion, what would it be??




Contradictory to my title, I'm going to be talking about "finding" yourself and not about feeling "lost" :P
Many told me I would feel lost and lonely in a new country away from my people, away from my city. Bombay is where I spent 26 yrs of my life, to which I was so used to and which cannot be possibly more different from Perth, my current city.
 It is a humongous, charming city filled with opportunities and crowded with zealous people who can multitask their way through traffic, office, family and yet manage to have a crazy night life almost everyday of the week! And I can say I was very much one of the crowd while I was there and loved every bit of the hectic life!

Perth on the contrary is a small, quiet and peaceful yet serenely beautiful place full of positive people who have all the time in the world to just "live". So except on Friday nights and weekends I was home all day and I had nothing much to do in the evenings either because the city actually shuts down at 6 pm and its not advisable to go far from your place after 8 pm! 

So what kept me sane and busy with all the extra time I had?? I believe is my love and passion for my work. It's only the ramifications of this that led to the various opportunities that came my way. In my desperate search for a job in fashion in Perth, I came across a non profit organisation where I work as a fashion assistant. I took up fashion blogging which has not only become an essential part of my routine but also helps me grow when I introspect while composing each post. Blogging gave me the confidence to say yes for reviewing fashion events for my company and write for them on their official site, and guess what, I will soon be writing for their official fashion blog too!! And so many other exciting avenues that keep appearing one after another!

 What I'm trying to say is if you love what you do, you can never get lost. You may not necessarily be working in the field of your choice like me, but it's very important to "find" that one thing in your life that you are truly passionate about. Your thirst to grow, innovate or create something in the field of your passion will only be your constant companion when you feel lost. We all should find that passion and hence find ourselves.
A person who is passionate, can never really feel lost.


This is the same DIY top that I made out of my hubby's Denim shirt!
Also I decided to give a little make-over to my dear blog, all while I try to make a point - grow, innovate and create even in small possible ways...
Stay motivated, stay inspired... Always!!  :)