Girl, what's on your mind??

What a herculean task getting ready is! Phew! Don't you girls agree??
 I don't think guys fuss so much.. I'm sure they don't :P
But we surely do... but that's what is fun about being a girl! Isn't it??!! :P
So here is just a very common scene out of every girl's life! ;)

Constant chattering (Hubby by now has perfected the art of not listening while pretending to listen and hence he seldom responds)

Should I wear the necklace?? It's black & white... like my dress... 
I don't know.. nothing else can be really worn with black & white
Am I looking too black & white??

May be I should wear something else..
It's not really a black & white occasion... It's a colourful ocassion.. It's more red-red occasion.. But red on valentines' day is... umm.. I don't know...I can't wear red on V-day... It's too much!

I wish I still had that pearl necklace of mine!

Ok.. I think I won't wear the necklace.. It's not really required...and this dress is final!! No more changes!!

Can I wear heels?? :P
Will you get angry if I wear heels?? (puppy-dog face)

(That's usually when hubby decides to respond..)
Why, why, why do you girls wear heels?? I can't believe you're still considering it after last time!

Yaa.. you are right.. this one is too uncomfortable.. I won't wear heels today... because I really want to dance today!! :) No heels it is!!

Do you know why I'm wearing this dress??!!
So I can carry my new purse!! :)

ORRRRR!!!!! :P :D ;)

I can remove my sandals and dance!!
Even while coming back I can walk bare foot! :P
So heels it is!


Why wear them at all??!!

You wont understand! :D

Ready to leave???!!!
Oh yes! I'm done.. Are we late?? 
20 minutes!

(Running back to the mirror to get a final glance)

Yup! Let's go!!

Give me 5 more minutes! Sooryyyy :P


I'm dressing up for you honey! :)

Yaaaaa Right!!! 

Dressing up sure is a task! But we sure enjoy each moment of it!! ;)
Enjoy dressing up for your date this evening... even if you don't have a date just dress up!
We celebrate "love" almost everyday just by being there... with them.. for them.. 
but since there is this special day tagged as the day of love by some...we girls can just use it as one more excuse for doing the thing we enjoy the most! "Dressing up"!!!

P.S: Please try not to wear all red  today :P

Dress: AND
Acessories: Lovisa
Bag: Forever new



  1. I so LOVE this Post. Its me and my hubby almost daily that way....
    The way the pictures kept coming was like a short movie with all the suspense around the entire look and at last in unfolds... U look GORGEOUS in that outfit.
    Once again Great post...
    Happy Valentine Day gal...

  2. Fabulous girl..the pictures, the writing n u..! Perfect..!
    Happy Vday to u..have a gud one.


  3. lovely photos, you look gorgeous!!
    im following you now, did you still want to follow each other? :)

  4. Lol...its so true about the guys only responding when convenient...you look really cute...the hairbands reely cute and the pic with the wine glass just fab!
    Happy Valentines!

  5. Hey
    Thanks for the follow
    Following you back :D
    Keep in touch :)
    xoxo <3


  6. You look so pretty! Lovely pictures :)

    Sita xx

  7. Loved the post!! The pics are amazing!!!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my art blog and for the lovely comment!!
    I would love to help.. would love to hear from you.. drop me an email anytime you like!!


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