Contradictory to my title, I'm going to be talking about "finding" yourself and not about feeling "lost" :P
Many told me I would feel lost and lonely in a new country away from my people, away from my city. Bombay is where I spent 26 yrs of my life, to which I was so used to and which cannot be possibly more different from Perth, my current city.
 It is a humongous, charming city filled with opportunities and crowded with zealous people who can multitask their way through traffic, office, family and yet manage to have a crazy night life almost everyday of the week! And I can say I was very much one of the crowd while I was there and loved every bit of the hectic life!

Perth on the contrary is a small, quiet and peaceful yet serenely beautiful place full of positive people who have all the time in the world to just "live". So except on Friday nights and weekends I was home all day and I had nothing much to do in the evenings either because the city actually shuts down at 6 pm and its not advisable to go far from your place after 8 pm! 

So what kept me sane and busy with all the extra time I had?? I believe is my love and passion for my work. It's only the ramifications of this that led to the various opportunities that came my way. In my desperate search for a job in fashion in Perth, I came across a non profit organisation where I work as a fashion assistant. I took up fashion blogging which has not only become an essential part of my routine but also helps me grow when I introspect while composing each post. Blogging gave me the confidence to say yes for reviewing fashion events for my company and write for them on their official site, and guess what, I will soon be writing for their official fashion blog too!! And so many other exciting avenues that keep appearing one after another!

 What I'm trying to say is if you love what you do, you can never get lost. You may not necessarily be working in the field of your choice like me, but it's very important to "find" that one thing in your life that you are truly passionate about. Your thirst to grow, innovate or create something in the field of your passion will only be your constant companion when you feel lost. We all should find that passion and hence find ourselves.
A person who is passionate, can never really feel lost.


This is the same DIY top that I made out of my hubby's Denim shirt!
Also I decided to give a little make-over to my dear blog, all while I try to make a point - grow, innovate and create even in small possible ways...
Stay motivated, stay inspired... Always!!  :)



  1. OMG...shreeja...this is such a lovely post..so agree wid u re the passion thing. Love ur wedges..n that shirt..is a stunner. U r slowly moving up on my fav bloggers list..not that it matters to u..but to me it does. Good job. Luv the blog makeover.
    3 new posts up.

    1. Thank u Aditi!! Im so glad i'm moving up your list, of course it matters!! :)

  2. this is such an inspirational article. Nice outfit, you look really pretty!

  3. Really insightful post...Its great that you chose to continue to do something in the field you love rather than just settle.It's really important to follow your passion.Love your DIY too...would never have guessed that as a mens shirt!

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    2. I thought I was already following you but i wasn't.I realised when I saw your comment!Just did on gfc lol...Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Hey, thanks for your wonderful words! True, there are many times in our life where we feel "lost" but when you realize your passions you always find your way back!

    -Jacqui, Burgundywhispers.com

  5. Like I have mentioned before I love those wedges of yours. The DIY is so awesome and easy. Will definitely try it.

    You have been awarded. Check my blog.

  6. Nice shirt hun! Very creative :)
    love ur shoes!

    Thank you for your comment on my earlier post :)

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