Colours and fun!

It's HOT here in Bombay!! So most of the times I'm in my leggings and easy comfy tops. 
Adding contrasting colours is a really good way of pepping up your casual outfits!

And here are my super colourful beautifulllll girls! My mom and my little sis! 
Was fun and easy to make them pose for this shoot and it turned out so lovely! :)

No time to write much!
Nor have I had time to shoot for looks... I might as well use this as a chance to post pictures of the beautiful people in India, Bombay and My life!



Ethnicity with a twist

Hello guys.. the contest was successful and I'm in Bombay finally doing a post!
My parents are so excited to see me work on the blog.... till now they have only seen the final posts on my blog... now they see and comment on every step of composing a post, excitedly... :)

The joy and peace of being in your own country surrounded by people you know is just priceless... and the excitement of being in a "shaadi wala ghar" need not be explained to Indians... 
My twin brother is getting married! :P :D :) Oh yes, I guess I have never mentioned before that I have a twin brother! So there's a lot of halla-gulla, shopping and preparations to be done... I hope I get to do a post with all the colourful, ethnic Indian outfits that I will be wearing for the wedding... not sure if I will be able to manage a shoot in between the wedding and chaos .. but will try my best... 

The look here was shot in Perth just as I was preparing to leave for India.. and as I was packing all my ethnic Indian kurtis and scarves it struck me to do a western look with my Indian wear, turned out pretty well  I guess, you guys tell me!

I love this Vogue diary that I got few years back at a Vogue fashion event... Really love the black and gold vintage feel of the cover and somehow it looked really apt with this look and surrounding!

That's my very cute, very new laptop bag! It's really funky and adds a new dimension when combined with the ethnic prints!

Sleeveless Kurti-top - Naksh
 Button down Kurti Top - Naksh
Scarf - Naksh
Chain - Accessorize



My lovely Winners!

Hello People!!

Contest is up and winners have been selected!
I'm really happy with the response. It was slow at first but it really picked up and I received more entries than I expected! A big hearty thanks to all those who participated :)

I guess the contest was a little too long and involved too much work :P 
I received some really good tips from Style Delights and Abhi M from Looking good, Feeling Fab. Thank you lovely ladies :) I would make sure  to keep the future contests short, quick and easy for you all!

So here are my lovely winners!

1) Aditi Sawant 
So-Saree (her lovely Blog)

Manu Smriti, says:

Pita rakshati kaumare, 
Bharta raskshati youvana, 
Putrah rakshati varddhakye, 
Na Stree swatantryam arhati.

 Which means, "A woman is protected by father in childhood, her husband protects her in youth, and in old age she should be protected by her son. At no stage in life should a woman be left alone and destitute. She deserves protection by man at every stage in her life." To cut it short, Women do not deserve independence or freedom. 

All my life I have really cherished the freedom that was imparted to me and my sister by our parents. Whenever, I heard of girls who were impartially treated compared to the boys at home, it made me sad, angry and at the same time really proud to be born to my parents. 

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but freedom of independence is her breath.So gift the woman in your life, what she really wants and deserves: FREEDOM. 

The outfit that I am wearing screams freedom to me. It’s light, breezy, colourful and a very basic cut. The accessories are fun and girly.The backdrop for this photoshoot being a beach, brings out a feeling of openness and vastness, which according to me very well defines a woman.
All in all.. Glad to be a Woman.

Very well done Aditi! Love the outfit, the styling, colours, accessories and everything! The outfit and colours truly symbolizes the FREEDOM that we women deserve in every walk of life!Congratulations!

2) Inge Lakawa 

Luchluchcraft ( her cute blog)

 a. My outfit: My outfit is representing me and my style. femine and cute ( well I think I am cute..) 
I add the lovely hat bcause it fit with the sunny day weather~ and dress that can make me looks.. not as fat as i actually am.. and ribbon hells! fit with the femine and cute style :)

b. The feeling about being a woman: I don't feel like I am a woman yet x3 feels like I am still a young girl hahaha but how I feel about being a woman is... *singing beyonce run the world song* xD happy! first I can wear skirt with no shame! and have many beautiful shoes style that I can choose and most importanly.. i can wear colorful make up!! I just love it that me as a woman(girl) have many option to choose :) in makeup, style, hair, etc. 

The outfit and the lines totally represent you and your persona which I feel is very important aspect of expressing yourself as a Woman!

3) Shweta Desai

I like the elegance and the gracefulness of being a woman. I like how we are made perfect, but crazy!! :D :P

I love our gentleness and sensitivity. I like how we can make a man forget his name just by one look. ;) The best thing about being a woman is the variety. As women, we experience so many changes in course of our lives. We get to experience life in a whole different way than men do, and I love that

I love our big eyes and eye makeup. And I believe women are the most beautiful of all the creatures on Earth
I love it all, I love being a woman!! :)

"I like how we can make a man forget his name just by one look." Love that line! So true! I like how you have tapped the fun and crazy and lovely aspects of being a woman! Cheers!

Do let me know what you think of these lovely Women! :)


Flowers and Petals..

Heyy guys.. Couldn't wait till the contest's last day to do this post.. and I just thought I need not wait, instead can use this as a reminder for you guys to take part in the contest.. as the response has not been as good as I expected.. I won't lie.. I'm not very happy with whatever entries I have got till now.. guess the prizes are not that exciting or may be the task is not inspiring enough.. wondering what's the trick to lure people in :P
If you guys have any tips, do share it here..
Nonetheless I will wait and watch, the followers are definitely going up however little the number may be.. and it's always a learning experience! :)

Right now there is so much on my mind that I had to pick up my lappy and start this post! I'm flying tomorrow morning.. I'm finally going to India! And somehow the past two days I found myself not as thrilled as I expected myself to be.. Thought of being away from hubby for a month slowly dawned on me and was not taking it well.. hehehe mushy as it may sound.. it's true..was anxious and low for so long!

Now just 6 hrs away from leaving to the airport, I find myself looking forward to the whole day long journey to India.. the changing of flights, 8 hour long stop over and doing it all by myself, all alone for the first time..

I have loaded myself with books, movies and more...I plan to finish the amazing book "Songs to the Butcher's daughter" which I have sadly left halfway (couldn't find the right time and right frame of mind... excuses are always ready :P). Argo and Hunger games have been on the list for a while and I hope to finally see them! Some same old chick-flicks if I'm in the mood for it again.. And all four seasons of Modern Family as I'm always in the mood for watching and re-watching it again and again.. I love that show!

So I hope all goes well and I don't get too tired or restless... most of all I hope there are no delays or waits longer than I'm mentally prepared for...

Coming back to my today's outfit.. It's a simple simple simple yet charming look.. I don't want to say much about it.. have a look and tell me what you think :)

Funny thing about me is that I do a lot of drama while posing for these shots.. I can never really get the serious, non-smiling blogger kind of poses right... though I like such photos on other's blogs... I end up doing a lot of silly poses.. 

What you see here is a lot toned down version of the drama! It's so much that my husband often gets embarrassed :P

That pleasant little skirt is just for $5! Yay!

Do take part in the Women's Day Contest ladies. If not for me but for the fact that you all are proud of being a Woman.. ;) coz that's the contest task... so get set the tough competition going !



Women's Day Contest!

A Day to celebrate, a day to pamper yourself more than usual... is here!
 Dress up and look your best on this day as it is wholly and solely your day! 
To all you beautiful Women out there 
Happy Women's Day, a day in advance!

As a celebration I would like to have a small contest on my blog. This would be the first one on my blog and I hope it turns out well with the support of you guys!

The contest is for all - National, International, Perth, India, Bloggers,Non Bloggers,Young,Old but of-course only for Women! ;)
(Non Bloggers can take part through Facebook page)


Style yourself to show "How do you feel about being a Woman". 
Mail me the photograph with few lines about your outfit and the feeling of being a Woman. :)


1) Mail the pic to rajanshreeja@gmail.com
2) Follow on Blogspot GFC
(Extra points for liking Pineapple-ish page from your page as well as personal id )
4) Mention the contest on your next post and link it to this post.
5) Simply comment on this post saying all the steps that you completed!

3 Winners

1st Position gets these lovely accessories! 
 Necklace - Forever New
Earrings - Lovisa

You have to be really good to get these two lovelies ;-)

2nd Position gets to do a guest post on my blog
Even a non-blogger would surely have something interesting to say :)

And all three winners get to feature on my blog 
I will post the same photos and few lines about your blog or your style/your work or whatever you would like to say and link to your blog/page.
Free publicity :P

Contest closes on 15th March and winners will be announced on 16th March.
So get going ladies!

Have a lovely lovely day!
P.S that's the preview of my next post which will be up only after 16th March! :)

Thank you!


Intro to upcoming designer label "Henna"

Women's Day is approaching soon, a day to pamper yourself! 
What better way to pamper than "shopping" ;-)

So if you are in Mumbai don't miss the 
Women's Day Shopping Carnival at Blue Sea,Worli Sea Face, Mumbai.
And if you are looking for exclusive designer wear in affordable range, check out my dear friend and upcoming designer Henna Mehta's collection.

Fresh, colourful and unique designs, from wedding occasions to party wear, she's got it all!

Some of her lovely ethnic wear designs are shown here..

Checkout her Facebook page for more designs and styles!

I wish I were in Mumbai to get a glimpse of these lovely creations.
But you guys surely can!

Henna personally invites you all to

Women's Day Shopping Carnival at Blue Sea,Worli Sea Face, Mumbai.
Stall no : 28
Friday 8th March
11am to 8pm


We got to celebrate in more than one way,Women!!
I have also got a Women's Day Contest coming up tomorrow for all you lovely ladies.

Thank You


Out of focus!

Heyy... I'm really being lazy these days and delaying all my work day after day, so much that this post should have been up 10 days back!
 I guess it's allowed as I'm super duper excited!.
I'm going to India in 10 days!
Yes, that's the reason that I have lost focus on things around here and I'm busy shopping and packing for India! :D
(sorry about the lame title, I can't think of anything at the moment and it sort of justifies my present state of mind :P)

About my look here.. I have teamed a plain white tee with shorts which makes for a perfect relaxed wear in this summer heat... and with the right kind of accessories you can pep it up into something for a fancier occasion.

Running off to do my final shopping for India.. maybe a couple of weeks later you will find my ethnic side in the greens of Kerala and busy streets of Bombay!


Top: Forever new 
Shorts: Forever new
Sling bag: Forever new
Footwear: Ruby shoes
Accessories: e-Quip