Flowers and Petals..

Heyy guys.. Couldn't wait till the contest's last day to do this post.. and I just thought I need not wait, instead can use this as a reminder for you guys to take part in the contest.. as the response has not been as good as I expected.. I won't lie.. I'm not very happy with whatever entries I have got till now.. guess the prizes are not that exciting or may be the task is not inspiring enough.. wondering what's the trick to lure people in :P
If you guys have any tips, do share it here..
Nonetheless I will wait and watch, the followers are definitely going up however little the number may be.. and it's always a learning experience! :)

Right now there is so much on my mind that I had to pick up my lappy and start this post! I'm flying tomorrow morning.. I'm finally going to India! And somehow the past two days I found myself not as thrilled as I expected myself to be.. Thought of being away from hubby for a month slowly dawned on me and was not taking it well.. hehehe mushy as it may sound.. it's true..was anxious and low for so long!

Now just 6 hrs away from leaving to the airport, I find myself looking forward to the whole day long journey to India.. the changing of flights, 8 hour long stop over and doing it all by myself, all alone for the first time..

I have loaded myself with books, movies and more...I plan to finish the amazing book "Songs to the Butcher's daughter" which I have sadly left halfway (couldn't find the right time and right frame of mind... excuses are always ready :P). Argo and Hunger games have been on the list for a while and I hope to finally see them! Some same old chick-flicks if I'm in the mood for it again.. And all four seasons of Modern Family as I'm always in the mood for watching and re-watching it again and again.. I love that show!

So I hope all goes well and I don't get too tired or restless... most of all I hope there are no delays or waits longer than I'm mentally prepared for...

Coming back to my today's outfit.. It's a simple simple simple yet charming look.. I don't want to say much about it.. have a look and tell me what you think :)

Funny thing about me is that I do a lot of drama while posing for these shots.. I can never really get the serious, non-smiling blogger kind of poses right... though I like such photos on other's blogs... I end up doing a lot of silly poses.. 

What you see here is a lot toned down version of the drama! It's so much that my husband often gets embarrassed :P

That pleasant little skirt is just for $5! Yay!

Do take part in the Women's Day Contest ladies. If not for me but for the fact that you all are proud of being a Woman.. ;) coz that's the contest task... so get set the tough competition going !



  1. I love this look- very natural and beautiful:)

  2. So cute photos!
    I love your blog so much <333


    (Loving my top picks from sheinside! Can't believe their prices,
    Click link above to see photos !)

  3. really you got that skirt for JUST $5?! whoa
    totaly digging your look here, love it.

  4. very very nice my dear:)

  5. Love this skirt! You look so lovely!

    Following now, I'd love it if you followed back :)

  6. U look beautiful..! cant believe u got that skirt for $5. Lucky girl.
    N the contest, i so wanna participate, but work has been crazy, but i will try my best. i have never won anything in a giveaway..i want to win this.

    New Post Up

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  7. love the tone of your photos! so beautiful, and lovee your skirt :)

    Missing Bee

  8. Love this skirt - the pastel colors of the outfit are very pretty!
    BTW, just an advise as you asked for - Try to make the giveaway rules simpler - just couple of steps, and don't make following you on many channels mandatory. Make one or 2 steps mandatory, then give readers choice. Everybody is busy juggling many things, and I think they want to enter contests and giveaway where they don't need many steps or invest much time to enter..The giveaway price is lovely!!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog

  9. I so love that skirt...n ur looking gorgeous. I hope u have a lovely vacation in India..if you are in Pune by any chance id love to meet up :)
    n dont worry about numbers, comments n followers...just keep at it..n ur sure to see things happen for u. Meanwhile I agree with Jyoti, entry into a giveaway should just take a few seconds n nothing more :) The prize is to die for :)

  10. Pretttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Completed all the steps. Fingers crossed.

    New Post Up

  12. Love your skirt!!! n shoes too :)

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment :)

    Join my Giveaway Two winners get INR 1000 each from IKNOWStudio


  13. gorgeous skirt!Can't believe it's just $5!


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