Time flies..

I was just planning my trip to India yesterday and here it's already been a week that I'm back in Perth... and I have been married for a year now (so soon???) Last year this time I was in Mauritius ;-) 
Time realllyyy flies.. especially when you are having a lovely time with your dear ones.. 

Funny that I'm saying how time goes by so fast and yet I'm so stuck in the past that I feel supremely lazy to get going with my life after the break..  To top it all the weather here is so perfect for simply cuddling up in a blanket in your bed doing nothing all day.. Today I had to drag myself out of bed and get going.. One of these days I'm surely gonna just sleep or lie in the bed watching movies or reading all day..or simply sleeping.. What fun! :P
I know I'm just back from a vacation but even vacations can take a toll on your health and the overall system.. I'm still recuperating and I need a break! :P

Seriously, the weather here is magical right now.. it's Autumn.. Winter will be here soon... I sort of have mixed feelings about it.. eagerly waiting yet a little scared.. as this would be as my husband says, a "real winter" and not very suitable for the "weak Bombay people who haven't seen them yet".. his words not mine.. :P

Autumn also means the best season for layering, adding cardigans and yet no need to be fully covered from top to bottom! 

A cute new addition to my cardigan love.. polka dotted cardigan!
 I'm currently obsessing a lot over Vintage colours and prints and of-course polkas, my all time favorite anyways.. may be it's the colour palette that Autumn/Winter usually inspires.. lots of earthy colours like navys, burgundy and browns which give a lovely vintage feel!
Love the intermittent falling of sun rays on my face.. not only in the pictures but it makes you feel so warm and nice when the Autumn breeze is trying to make you cold..

Dress: Dangerfield
Cardigan: Dangerfield
Shoes: Ruby Shoes
Necklace: Aldo



  1. What a acome back Shreeja..welcome dear. U look fabulous n i love the cardigan.


  2. Happy Anniversary! :) You look real cute. Love the cardigan and the pendant!


  3. Happy anniversary...Perth India mauritious...some of my fav places...if I were u id be stuck in the past too...probably on a Mauritian beach :)
    lovely outfit...hope u have many many more great years together..love

  4. I love this outfit and congrats for the anniversary:) Mine will be soon to, in a few months we'll celebrate our first anniversary.
    I'm also not good with the cold and the winter...but it is also fun dressing in winter, because sometimes more clothes is more fun

  5. hey Shreeja, you are so right about vacays..they do tire out sometimes, esp the ones in India ;) and its interesting to read about autumn, cooler weather and layering since we are heading out into summer right about now :)
    love this clash of prints and your glasses especially!

  6. Hey Shreeja, Thanks for stopping by on my blog. How perfect is your print for the autumn/fall season. I am in love with polkas too!! Nice blog !! And I am def following you.

    My Neonish Life
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  7. I absolutely love the print clash and the colors you've matched, everything looks so funky and classy! Also, the flats are so cute, I would like to own a pair.

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Mary xx

  8. Nice outfit!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?


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