Bird On a Wire

I'm in between a lot of other work and so do not have much time for looks and shoots.. but I surely have lots and lots to blog about! :)

My work involves working around a lot of fun events and projects and I also happen to review some 
in-house events including the other fashion events in and around Perth.
One such in-house event that I recently got an opportunity to review and which truly made me happy to be a part of was the Bird On A Wire's Fashion High Tea. 

The event was organised by Colosoul Group Inc( the organisation that I work for) and Bird On A Wire which is a blog/label and brainchild of our CEO Tricia Ray. You should check out the cute blog with poems and illustrations here: http://birdonawirecolosoul.blogspot.com.au

It was a beautiful event organised to create awareness about some serious issues like sex trafficking and child abuse in a sweet, fun and quirky way. 
How many of us would go for a seminar on this issue? But when you say it's Fashion High Tea, you have a hall full of people on a Sunday afternoon, and it was indeed a time well spent in touching the hearts of many women and men present in the hall asking them to empathise and stand up for women and young girls who are caged and need our help.

Bird On A Wire also showcased it's first collection of Vintage inspired lovely garments. All proceeds were to raise funds for the Esther Foundation, a young women’s health, development and leadership program.

Bird On A Wire really showed however small your contribution be to these social issues, there needs to be a start.

You can read my detailed review and about the collection here at the Colosoul website: http://colosoul.com.au/colosoul_2.0/?p=19490

All Photographers are by Colosoul.



Collection Review: OLIV

Today, I'm glad to introduce as well as review this upcoming apparel brand "OLIV".
Started by a team of three, OLIV believes in creating edgy and creative designs using the best quality fabrics in a reasonable price range. They are aiming to be the top most online portal and will be soon coming up with their own website!

Their present collection  though not very wide, can fit in as party-wear, college-wear or even trendy work-wear. I find most of these styles quite versatile and trendy.

Some of my favourite picks from their collection are here.

Lovely georgette navy blue low back dress. It's smart and dressy, perfect for formal parties and functions! It's so feminine without being a pink or red colour.

 Smart and formal velvet finished dress, great even as a work-wear for young women.

Another versatile piece that can be worn as formal wear in the mornings and ready to rock the party by the night! It's a georgette white with flock print.

Pink on pink.. girls love pink.. and the back is gorgeous!

Chevron prints are in and so are palazzos! Comfortable and stylish pants perfect for college, day outs and parties if paired with a sexy top.

Scared of wearing sequins? Your problems are solved.! Wear this black sequins trousers and get noticed.
Love the style of these trousers and the length is just perfect.

So what do you guys think of these styles?

I feel as a label that has its own designer, may be they can afford to experiment a bit more but OLIV surely comes across as a label that creates styles that are perfectly in sync with current trends and fashion that cannot go wrong.
So if you guys are looking for versatile stylish clothes that are in trend, you must definitely try OLIV  https://www.facebook.com/orderoliv



Zero Day

When my partner and I were working on our final fashion show collection in college, we had our theme as "My remote controlled life" and our inspiration was "I want it my way"... nothing might make sense right? :P.. hehehe... now it doesn't really make sense to me either... but nevertheless, we made a very cute collection!
And we had a LOT of fun working on our inspirations.. we had a lot of whimsical, crazy ideas and concepts around which the collection was made.. we had absurdly funny yet very adorable and desirable ideas about the way we wanted "our lives" or the way we wanted to "control" things around us (two stubborn heads couldn't get inspired by anything else I guess, right Shwetz?? )
 And one of the fun ideas was to have "Zero Day" in the week!

A Day that nobody knows about.. you are allowed to do whatever you want without being accountable for ANYTHING you do on that day.. in fact only you would know or even remember what you did on that day and you may know only about your life and nobody else's... the same goes for everyone else.. 
A day of absolute freedom.. a day that's not there but is there for you.. a day that's invisible.. a day that's not "on the record"... and how we wish we had a button on our remote controls to switch into that day, don't we?

Take a minute and ask yourself what you would like to do if you got a "Zero Day"?? 
Whatever is the answer, go ahead and do it anyways! ;) :P

Coming to my look, this is one of my favourite piece of clothing that I've ever bought! 
This Ikkat weave kurta is class apart in it's style, colour pallette, silhouette and look.. 
A subtle yet brilliant way of giving an Indian fabric and Indian silhouette a western touch....It's something that would make for great work-wear for Indian women too.
And you can see how easily I could team it up with a woolen scarf, boots and a cardigan for the winter here!

Think about the Question I asked! :D


7 things about my dear Mom that inspire me!

Today is Mother's Day and I'm writing about my dear Mom.. She's going to be very excited to see this I know! :P :D

7 things about my Mom that inspire me!

Always Look Your Best
Never have I seen a day when she's not dressed to the T.. always well groomed and well dressed...she absolutely loves to dress up and a lot of times she's late to work because of this :P
She (and dad) has always pushed me and my brother to dress well, present ourselves well,at all times! 
From bright colours to latest trends to artificial matching accessories, she's got it all!
Where do you think I caught the bug from?? :P

Fitness and Health freak
She's always been in good shape and even now for her age she's more than in good shape..with her hectic work timings she tries to keep herself fit by either yoga, gym,walking for an hour or plain exercises at home..She made it a point I learn yoga and I'm quite thankful for that... :)
We have ALWAYS had home cooked healthy food... buying bread used to be a rare phenomenon in our house.. and she has always been against us eating MAGGI... and we never had chips or wafers at home to munch on when we were bored... Now that I'm married I follow the same! I cook everyday.. no ready to eat.. no packaged food.. though my husband loves bread and maggi I limit buying it as much as possible..

Freedom to Dress
She has never stopped me from dressing the way I want, occasionally warning me if and when I took things for granted.. :P
When I was a little girl she would force me to wear short skirts and dresses as I was shy even to wear something sleeveless :P
Nevertheless I grew up to someone who is comfortable wearing anything and everything as long as it suits me or doesn't look indecent.. She's a huge supporter of my bog and my looks and shares it happily on her FB wall.. Isn't that cute??!! :)

Go Natural
Her skin is to die for.. at this age she has skin 5times better than mine.. no exaggerations.. 
She was undoubtedly gifted with awesome, oil free, pimple free skin (how blessed!) but she's taken absolute care of it over the years.. eating right, sleeping right and exercising are surely included.. but I have seen her apply various masks and scrubs on a regular basis.. but it's all NATURAL!
After eating any fruit she would rub or apply the leftovers on her face.. EVERYTIME! :P :D
Anything natural available in the kitchen is good for her skin.. she has literally never ever applied any cream except Johnson's baby cream and no soap,no face-wash at all..
She looks like my elder sister is a very common compliment she receives which I'm secretly proud of :) :P
 (I  hope she doesn't kill me for letting out all her beauty secrets :P)

Express your Kindness
It's not enough if you are a good person or kind at heart.. it's true or proved only if you express it.. Your deeds are good or kind,not you.. nobody can show this better than her.. She can go out of her way to help people who are in need..whoever it might be.. and hence without wonder she has an army of people ready to help her in every possible way whenever she's in need.. 
And the army includes a separate battalion of house-maids too! :P Living in Mumbai you can imagine the importance of having house-maids who would come readily at your service anytime anywhere when you are in need!

People's Person
She's awesome with people.. gets along with everyone and anyone so well and so naturally.. a quality that I sadly have not picked up at all.. I get awkward and quiet around too many people :P
She naturally emits positivity or has some aura around her that people get so easy and cosy around her
She recently became a mother-in-law.. ohhh it's amazing how the two get along!:D

My brother and I are twins! So I guess multitasking started for her right there :P
From looking after us to working to cooking and taking care of the house.. she's even taken our studies for hours together for exams (one would go to dad and one would be with mom :P )
All this didn't even stop her from taking things slow on her career front.. she's studied for exams and have taken promotion after promotion!
All this along with taking care of her skin and health and fitness and dressing up.. :O
ALSO, she has time to socialise with friends  not only from work, but also from her college and even school friends! Whooaaa! :O
You may think she likes to rest on Sundays?? NOPE! she likes to drag dad out of bed to either for shopping or movie or justttt a visit to the nearby mall.. but no sitting still in one place! :P
I hope I get even half as good as her when it comes to multitasking!

Happy Mother's Day Mummuuuu!
Bless me!



7 kinds of movies I enjoy

I  had planned to do a look post.. but then it's too much of work.. so instead I'm posting this..
I love watching movies... before coming to Perth I would watch a movie almost every week in the theatres.. after coming to Perth however I have explored a whole new range of cinema sitting at home watching it on my laptop..The titles of this list is a little confusing and may be misleading.. this is not the list of my favourite movies as it may appear..you will have to read it in order to understand :P

I'm a total die hard fan of Hindi movies how much ever filmy,over-the-top, masala loaded they are.. I have grown up watching them and though western movies are undoubtedly more creative, original and versatile, I relate more to Hindi movies... it's only natural..

Amar Akbar Anthony/ Main Hoon Na
I loveee these two movies as one is a classic masala filmy movie of the 70's and the other  
according to me is a movie which truly celebrates the filmy, masala aspect of hindi movies..
 I can watch these over and over again but not without getting goose-bumps every time when the three brothers unite and beat up the villains or when one brother runs in slow motion to save his younger brother from falling of the roof! :P
Sholay, Ram Lakhan, Karan Arjun and many many more movies with awesome filmy moments..
I love it!

These are definitely on the path of becoming cult classics of Hindi Cinema and the people of our generation won't question it either.. One can relate to the friendships, relationships, urban lifestyle, expectations from life, the feeling of being lost and finding yourself... and so many other emotions that youngsters have to go through.. Wake up Sid, Rock On, Rocket Singh are other movies on similar lines that were brilliantly made that I enjoyed.

Just an observation as I go on with my list.. lot of movies in the above points involve "bromance".. male dominated Indian film industry left me with no choice... hmmmm

The new wave of Hindi Cinemas
All the new young breed of filmmakers are doing a great job at breaking the stereotype of hindi movies into something more original.. though most of the time there is something or the other missing which holds back these movies in their commercial success, the change is refreshing and I enjoy them nevertheless...
Dirty Picture, Kahani, English Vinglish, Vicky Donor, Delhi Belly.. guess I need not say anything.. we all appreciate the change!

Coming to western movies.. Love the huge variety of subjects available and their treatment is always new, refreshing time and again.. and it actually makes you happy when absolute justice is done to the subject.. well most of the times.. 

Vicky Christina Barcelona/ Before Sunrise
 I really like these two movies and movies that are on similar lines.. wandering, confused people, from different worlds... just interacting.. finding a connection... sparking up chemistry... and I love it even more when it's left incomplete.. when the stories don't end! :P
And a European backdrop adds soo much to the story.. it's like a story behind an artist's painting beautifully unfolding.. and how I wish to visit beautiful European countries and simply wander... 
I wish they had not made Before Sunset, the sequel to Before Sunrise.. then the movie would have remained truly special.. :)
 VCB is not even a love story, it's just a beautiful portrayal of human emotions against the backdrop of beautiful city of Barcelona and shows how much one can relate to even inexperienced emotions, situations and even cultures..
Midnight in Paris is a really special movie too.. and I love Memoirs of a Geisha which is another beautiful and exotic movie and it's so rich in portrayal of Japanese culture and ways... the only movie I have seen till date that did complete justice to the book it was made from!
I'm not so much of a fan of simple sweet love stories though I have seen and enjoyed a lot of those too..

Rainmaker/A Few Good Men
I love love lovee Courtroom dramas.. may be it has something to do with the fact that my dad is a lawyer :)
 or I have read too many John Grisham books since I was a kid.. but I simply can't get enough of these movies.. 
There are some really good law based movies in Hollywood and I have seen a quite...The thrill and excitement of following interrogations and tricky intelligent arguments leading to the winning of the protagonist is something that I love to watch.. mostly one has to patiently and quietly try and follow the legal terms which is something people might find tedious or boring but I totally enjoy..
It's really sad to see Hindi movies(there are very few) on these lines.. they are filled with gibberish 
A Few Good Men is a brilliant brilliant law movie and Rainmaker is my personal favourite of Grisham's 
The Client, The Firm, Erin Brokovich, Time to Kill, And Justice for all.. and so many more.. enjoyed them all.. and I even thoroughly enjoyed the courtroom scenes in Legally Blonde 1&2.. fashion and law, how perfect! ;)

Amelie/Audrey Tautou/French
I saw Amelie and fell in love with Audrey Tautou! Then I saw all her movies and fell in love with French movies!
 Those of you who haven't seen this beautiful, magical French movie.. do watch.. you will smile all through it.. it's definitely one of my most favourite movies..
It's the movie which won Oscar in foreign category when Lagaan was nominated.. though I'm a huge fan of Lagaan, this movie is class apart.. no comparisons!
The thing I lovee about French movies is that they are so light and easy... they portray beautiful simple emotions that you have never seen being depicted or even read before yet relate so much because you yourself know those little emotions... They even have an abstract, whimsical quality to their movies which I love.. everything need not be explained or described.. some things are left for you to interpret or understand! Just brilliant!
Delicacy, He loves me he loves me not, Dirty pretty things, Priceless some lovely french movies I enjoyed..

Super Heroes! :P
This is something I recently got into.. obviously thanks to my husband..
Various series of Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Avengers.. then comes the Batman movies, Spider man.. then the X-Men and Wolverine movies..and many more yet to go.. and guess what? I enjoy them totally! I'm either :O or :D or wide-eyed while watching these!
Girls, these movies are fun if you watch it with your guys! ;)

Do let me know if you have any favourites out of these!



7 things I need to learn from my husband

I have decided to start this series on my blog called the "7 things" where I share various interests, views, favourites and sorts. When I asked my husband what I should start with he casually asked me to start the series by writing about him.. heheh.. little did he know that he was already on my list and I already had a list about him! :P

Here I go..  7 things I need to learn from my husband

Read More 
He's been a voracious reader since his college days and it amazes me how well read he is... not only from sci-fi fantasies to Dan Brown, Jeffery Archer, etc., stuff that people usually read... he's even read history and politics :O...and though he doesn't take out time specifically for reading, it's amazing how he still manages to finish book after book when I'm still stuck with a single one for months! How??
His latest obsession is of a series of books on Genghis Khan after George R. R. Martin's A Song Of Ice And Fire (Game Of Thrones) which was a series of 7 books..

Know More
He just HAS to know about everything... after watching a movie he has to google everything and everyone related to it... actor's history and geography, director's, producer's, fun facts, places where it was shot and so on...and it's not only about movies, it can be anything he comes across online or on street or at work.. like people, politics, food, restaurant, countries, ANYTHING.. he's so curious to just know about everything that he needs to make no special efforts, he simply goes on clicking  links after links on his laptop and reads it all!
The more surprising part is that he remembers it all! 

Being Cool Always
Relax, chill, cool, easy are like the only words in his dictionary.. Never in a hurry, never tensed nor is he ever angry.. this quality actually makes me a little irritated as I find him a little too relaxed about things.. though I also secretly wish to be like him :P

Be what you are
It amazes me how comfortable he is with himself.. he's just the same with everybody.. new people or old friends.. I on the other had behave so differently with different people.. I need time to open up with new people and surroundings, not him.. Though he doesn't talk a lot he has something or the other to keep the conversation going, he may even tease or pass sarcastic comments to someone he's just met.
He's someone who would never fake an accent, finds it hard to fake a pose or smile for photographs and refuses to follow the "SMS" language or slang or anything that remotely spoils the English language in the name of being "trendy".

Another reason for him being so cool and relaxed and not getting desperate or angry.. there is no limit to his patience.. trust me I think I may have pushed it too hard a couple of times.. it just doesn't crumble!
Clicking pictures of me for the blog, believe me is not an easy task! :P
He even has the patience to cook or do dishes or any housework after coming from work if I'm not in the mood for it ( I do not take too much advantage of this though :P)

There are things in life that are more important than career
It's his dream to retire at 40 years of age and simple enjoy the little things in life.. not that he wishes to stress himself out till the age of 40 either.. he just takes things as it comes.. 
Having said about his qualities I guess it wouldn't be hard to believe that he passed out of one of the top 5 MBA colleges in India and got placed in one of the top mining companies in the world... but he wishes for a simpler life in some coastal region where he can lay on the beach and read books for hours!
See the world through his eyes and you really wish to take it easy on yourself and your ambitions.

Be a better person
He's humble in his ways and truly respects another human being.. One of the many things I admire about him is that he never allows the sales person of a shoe store to touch his feet or make him wear the footwear.. he makes it a point, each time to wear the footwear on his own by his own hands.. it must be a small thing but it greatly symbolizes the kind of respect he has for people.
The idea of pedicure is beyond his understanding, he's never got one and would obviously never get one everrr!

So do you see how much I got to learn!



I have got stripes!

It was really never my intention to buy black and white stripes..the trend is seen everywhere!
 I do like it on others but really didn't feel like going for it myself as it's too restrictive a trend to buy.. it's black, it's white and there are stripes.. how different can it get from each other... everybody will end up having reallyyy similar stuff... not that we care.. but you know what I mean.. :P
Nevertheless I too ended up getting b&w stripes!
I totally fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it.. I doubt if it was designed keeping the trend in mind.. it's more of a tribal inspired print... and I love the juxtaposition of black&white stripes with the brightly coloured tribal triangles and flowers at the hem!
Also as I stated in my last post, my "in-between-two-seasons" phase made me buy everything black&white.. this skirt is one of them.
And how perfectly does it go with my yellow gladiators! Have had them since the time the gladiators trend had justttt started.. for over 3 and half years...and yellow was my colour then! I still love these..
The top is a perfect grey colour that quietly adds charm to whatever you pair it with.. have the same top in 3 different lovely colours.. tops like these go with anything and everything.. and it's just $5 

My necklace..another oldie..if you guys noticed, it's broken.. didn't bother to fix it... ;)

Found this really cool pair of orange rimmed sunglasses and I like the 70's vibe that it adds to the look! :)

Top: Valley girl
Skirt: Global Desi
Gladiators: small shop in South Bombay
Sunglasses: street shopped
sling bag: Accessorize



All round the year..

I'm in a very tricky spot having returned from my India visit recently... i.e jumped from Summer to Winter in a day.. :)

Colours according to me are a real defining element when it comes to fashion and seasons.. To me the transition actually comes naturally.. As I start craving to dress up in some specific colours when the seasons are about to change.. 

I started with the urge to wear burgundy and navy by mid March when the Summer in Perth ended.. and when I went to India by March end I couldn't really get myself to wear summer colours.. I guess I was still in the "Wintery" zone.. and I ended up wearing as well as buying a lot of Black & Whites while in India :P.. I guess these colours are always right and you can wear them all round the year!

Bought the cool comfy pants and polka top (somebody should stop me from buying so many) from ZARA (I truly miss it in Perth).. Both were light and easy for the summer.. yet go perfectly well when layered with a blazer for the cool Autumn winds here!

The "red-lips" bug has caught me too... and how!! I totallyyyy LOVE it!
All the girls who are skeptical about trying it, my tip: Just Go for it! 

My summer look is here.. :)

Top: Zara
Blazer:Valley Girl
Bag:Forever New