7 things I need to learn from my husband

I have decided to start this series on my blog called the "7 things" where I share various interests, views, favourites and sorts. When I asked my husband what I should start with he casually asked me to start the series by writing about him.. heheh.. little did he know that he was already on my list and I already had a list about him! :P

Here I go..  7 things I need to learn from my husband

Read More 
He's been a voracious reader since his college days and it amazes me how well read he is... not only from sci-fi fantasies to Dan Brown, Jeffery Archer, etc., stuff that people usually read... he's even read history and politics :O...and though he doesn't take out time specifically for reading, it's amazing how he still manages to finish book after book when I'm still stuck with a single one for months! How??
His latest obsession is of a series of books on Genghis Khan after George R. R. Martin's A Song Of Ice And Fire (Game Of Thrones) which was a series of 7 books..

Know More
He just HAS to know about everything... after watching a movie he has to google everything and everyone related to it... actor's history and geography, director's, producer's, fun facts, places where it was shot and so on...and it's not only about movies, it can be anything he comes across online or on street or at work.. like people, politics, food, restaurant, countries, ANYTHING.. he's so curious to just know about everything that he needs to make no special efforts, he simply goes on clicking  links after links on his laptop and reads it all!
The more surprising part is that he remembers it all! 

Being Cool Always
Relax, chill, cool, easy are like the only words in his dictionary.. Never in a hurry, never tensed nor is he ever angry.. this quality actually makes me a little irritated as I find him a little too relaxed about things.. though I also secretly wish to be like him :P

Be what you are
It amazes me how comfortable he is with himself.. he's just the same with everybody.. new people or old friends.. I on the other had behave so differently with different people.. I need time to open up with new people and surroundings, not him.. Though he doesn't talk a lot he has something or the other to keep the conversation going, he may even tease or pass sarcastic comments to someone he's just met.
He's someone who would never fake an accent, finds it hard to fake a pose or smile for photographs and refuses to follow the "SMS" language or slang or anything that remotely spoils the English language in the name of being "trendy".

Another reason for him being so cool and relaxed and not getting desperate or angry.. there is no limit to his patience.. trust me I think I may have pushed it too hard a couple of times.. it just doesn't crumble!
Clicking pictures of me for the blog, believe me is not an easy task! :P
He even has the patience to cook or do dishes or any housework after coming from work if I'm not in the mood for it ( I do not take too much advantage of this though :P)

There are things in life that are more important than career
It's his dream to retire at 40 years of age and simple enjoy the little things in life.. not that he wishes to stress himself out till the age of 40 either.. he just takes things as it comes.. 
Having said about his qualities I guess it wouldn't be hard to believe that he passed out of one of the top 5 MBA colleges in India and got placed in one of the top mining companies in the world... but he wishes for a simpler life in some coastal region where he can lay on the beach and read books for hours!
See the world through his eyes and you really wish to take it easy on yourself and your ambitions.

Be a better person
He's humble in his ways and truly respects another human being.. One of the many things I admire about him is that he never allows the sales person of a shoe store to touch his feet or make him wear the footwear.. he makes it a point, each time to wear the footwear on his own by his own hands.. it must be a small thing but it greatly symbolizes the kind of respect he has for people.
The idea of pedicure is beyond his understanding, he's never got one and would obviously never get one everrr!

So do you see how much I got to learn!



  1. great post :)

    xx Jeeshan

  2. WOW..Shreeja..this is a beautiful post.
    I can't tell u how touched i m with the last point..its such a small gesture..but means a lot.
    Even i have go to learn a lot frm ur husband. But i m still having my pedicure.;)

    And point no.2 ..thats my husband's attribute too..! Same pinch..!


  3. A beautiful statement!


  4. That's a great post and you are a lucky girl! :)
    My Neonish Life

  5. Great blog!
    What do you think about follow each other? Let me know!Have a nice day!


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