Bird On a Wire

I'm in between a lot of other work and so do not have much time for looks and shoots.. but I surely have lots and lots to blog about! :)

My work involves working around a lot of fun events and projects and I also happen to review some 
in-house events including the other fashion events in and around Perth.
One such in-house event that I recently got an opportunity to review and which truly made me happy to be a part of was the Bird On A Wire's Fashion High Tea. 

The event was organised by Colosoul Group Inc( the organisation that I work for) and Bird On A Wire which is a blog/label and brainchild of our CEO Tricia Ray. You should check out the cute blog with poems and illustrations here: http://birdonawirecolosoul.blogspot.com.au

It was a beautiful event organised to create awareness about some serious issues like sex trafficking and child abuse in a sweet, fun and quirky way. 
How many of us would go for a seminar on this issue? But when you say it's Fashion High Tea, you have a hall full of people on a Sunday afternoon, and it was indeed a time well spent in touching the hearts of many women and men present in the hall asking them to empathise and stand up for women and young girls who are caged and need our help.

Bird On A Wire also showcased it's first collection of Vintage inspired lovely garments. All proceeds were to raise funds for the Esther Foundation, a young women’s health, development and leadership program.

Bird On A Wire really showed however small your contribution be to these social issues, there needs to be a start.

You can read my detailed review and about the collection here at the Colosoul website: http://colosoul.com.au/colosoul_2.0/?p=19490

All Photographers are by Colosoul.


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