I have got stripes!

It was really never my intention to buy black and white stripes..the trend is seen everywhere!
 I do like it on others but really didn't feel like going for it myself as it's too restrictive a trend to buy.. it's black, it's white and there are stripes.. how different can it get from each other... everybody will end up having reallyyy similar stuff... not that we care.. but you know what I mean.. :P
Nevertheless I too ended up getting b&w stripes!
I totally fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it.. I doubt if it was designed keeping the trend in mind.. it's more of a tribal inspired print... and I love the juxtaposition of black&white stripes with the brightly coloured tribal triangles and flowers at the hem!
Also as I stated in my last post, my "in-between-two-seasons" phase made me buy everything black&white.. this skirt is one of them.
And how perfectly does it go with my yellow gladiators! Have had them since the time the gladiators trend had justttt started.. for over 3 and half years...and yellow was my colour then! I still love these..
The top is a perfect grey colour that quietly adds charm to whatever you pair it with.. have the same top in 3 different lovely colours.. tops like these go with anything and everything.. and it's just $5 

My necklace..another oldie..if you guys noticed, it's broken.. didn't bother to fix it... ;)

Found this really cool pair of orange rimmed sunglasses and I like the 70's vibe that it adds to the look! :)

Top: Valley girl
Skirt: Global Desi
Gladiators: small shop in South Bombay
Sunglasses: street shopped
sling bag: Accessorize



  1. Love this outfit. The skirt is truly beautiful and love how you have accesorized the look!


  2. I LURVE this look..u r fabulous..!
    i dont even know what to say m speechless.
    the necklace..its a genius.

    When i chk out awesome bloggers like u..i feel hopeless..thumbs up girl.


  3. I am the black and white stripes hoarderer!! I love them and I have it any every way!! Loved your skirt and the neck-piece!!

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  4. Hey there! Shreeja! You have done a great job in styling this outfit. It's actually that makes the skirt striking. You definitely have an eye for good styles.


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