Zero Day

When my partner and I were working on our final fashion show collection in college, we had our theme as "My remote controlled life" and our inspiration was "I want it my way"... nothing might make sense right? :P.. hehehe... now it doesn't really make sense to me either... but nevertheless, we made a very cute collection!
And we had a LOT of fun working on our inspirations.. we had a lot of whimsical, crazy ideas and concepts around which the collection was made.. we had absurdly funny yet very adorable and desirable ideas about the way we wanted "our lives" or the way we wanted to "control" things around us (two stubborn heads couldn't get inspired by anything else I guess, right Shwetz?? )
 And one of the fun ideas was to have "Zero Day" in the week!

A Day that nobody knows about.. you are allowed to do whatever you want without being accountable for ANYTHING you do on that day.. in fact only you would know or even remember what you did on that day and you may know only about your life and nobody else's... the same goes for everyone else.. 
A day of absolute freedom.. a day that's not there but is there for you.. a day that's invisible.. a day that's not "on the record"... and how we wish we had a button on our remote controls to switch into that day, don't we?

Take a minute and ask yourself what you would like to do if you got a "Zero Day"?? 
Whatever is the answer, go ahead and do it anyways! ;) :P

Coming to my look, this is one of my favourite piece of clothing that I've ever bought! 
This Ikkat weave kurta is class apart in it's style, colour pallette, silhouette and look.. 
A subtle yet brilliant way of giving an Indian fabric and Indian silhouette a western touch....It's something that would make for great work-wear for Indian women too.
And you can see how easily I could team it up with a woolen scarf, boots and a cardigan for the winter here!

Think about the Question I asked! :D


  1. Love the Kurta but I love ur fashion assignment story more...if I had a topic like that...I'd draw a blank...zilch...no ideas...that's we're imagination comes in..n I hav v little of that..

  2. Hi Shreeja
    love your kurta and ofcourse the cute heart desined stole !!
    New follower here :)

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  3. I was looking at your pic and I saw the top half and I was like 'Nice kurta' and then I reached the bottom and was so pleasantly surprised to see the boots.I would've never thought to pair them together but they look so cool....like desi rocker chic lol.
    Btw,Zero Day sounds heavenly...I would probably actually do that once in while...run off alone on a day trip somewhere! :D

  4. you look really cute
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  5. you are so cute and i like your style :D

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