Saturday night live!

Yesterday I mentioned I was going to a music festival... and what a wonderful time I had!
Winter music festival, Fremantle was great.... as many of the local talents in and around Perth were to perform... spread out at four different cool venues close to one another... we could hop skip and jump around enjoying the different genres of bands that were lined up... 
This was sort of my first experience with live bands (sad... I know!!)... cheering with the crowd and dancing... simply being there... soaking in all the music and getting transported to another world... simply awesome...
 Music has so much potential... even if it's something that you are hearing for the first time...  music always has it's effect on you... I feel sad that I don't spend much time listening to any music as much as I used to... and I feel so refreshed after such an amazing musical evening...

This is what I wore to the show..

Top: Mango
Skirt: Valley girl
Denim shirt: just Jeans

Here are some pics from the show!

Hope you guys had a lovely weekend too!
Many more posts coming up one after another throughout this week!



Just in time!

Whoaaa!! I'm really running around to get this blogging marathon on! Been busy all day cleaning the house as I have a house inspection on Monday... haven't done so much cleaning ever in my life :P... started in the morning and finished around 2.00 in the afternoon... phew!

Then I had scheduled to do a look today in order to keep the marathon going and I did... and finished just before the winter sun was setting.. i.e. by 5.00!

And now I just have half an hour to do this post (including the editing and re-sizing of the pics) because I'm all ready to hit the Winter Music Festival in Freemantle (Wooohoooo! So excited!) and won't be back before midnight..

This look I am posting here is not what I'm wearing to the fest... in fact this is from last Friday when I had been to a play (great play... great experience.. "Animal")

If I can do such express posting on such a busy day... I'm sure I can do much more posts in future however busy I may be...

Trousers: Mango
Blazer: Valley girl
Necklace: Lifestyle(India)
Shoes: Ruby shoes
Scarf: Prize I won!
Ring: Aldo



7 make-up/cosmetics that I use

 When it comes to make-up, cosmetics, facial products...  I'm a little weird... I really am not that comfortable with the idea of applying some sort of chemical on my face.. daily... I mean I do the basic... real basic stuff... some are necessary and some are bare minimum requirements of presenting yourself well.. but more than that I really can't... All I can think about is them blocking the pores of my skin... and then to spend insane amounts of money on the supposedly quality make-up removers... again, how do I know if they are absolutely good for my skin??!! :O
Even a face wash that lathers scares me!

Here are the 7 cosmetic items... not all I use daily.. but this is it!

1) Body Aloe cream by Vaseline and Body butter by Body Shop
I use these almost regularly as it's winter now... not so much during the other seasons.. my skin isn't that bad or too dry (touch-wood) and I'm quite happy with both these body creams.. and they smell really good..

2) Body shop lip-balm
 Keeps your lips from drying (obviously)... love their flavors... melon and strawberry are my favourites.. keep them on and I can go without gloss or colour on my lips... which I prefer more than wearing lipstick all the time..

MELON & ORANGE (shimmer)

3) Sunscreen by Neutrogena
 I try and use it as regularly as possible... and finally I have a sunscreen that doesn't make my skin sweat or make it look too oily... it doesn't burn either..
But again I have no clue how effective it is in protecting my skin from harsh sun damages.. sunscreens may minimize tanning but don't stop it.. and I tend to tan very very easily... So I trust my wide brimmed hat and big rimmed glares to do that job more effectively..

4) Colossal Kajal (kohl)
 Kohl is something I have been applying for years... almost every time I get out of the house... now when people see me without kohled eyes they ask me if something's wrong... I look like I cried my eyes out (another reason why I don't want to get used to other make-up , people get used to seeing you like that!)

5) Lakme Eyeliner
 Another thing which I have got so used to.. I like putting on big thick liner.. this is a good one and stays on well for quite some time.. say 6-7 hours..  I have good practice of using the liner brushes but many find it difficult.. It's easy to try out outline variations too..

6) My Orange lipstick from Mac, Red long-lasting lipstick from Colourbar
 These are my new babies... I love love love the look and feel of it!
Finding the right colour for your skin tone is important... but if you can manage to carry off even a weird colour then nothing like it (weird is so in vogue and it will be forever ;)) My orange lipstick is sort of neonish and actually makes me look a tone darker than I am and I totally love it!
  I'm still not so comfortable with the idea of applying these daily or even frequently.. especially the long lasting one, it stays on almost for 8 hours... poor lips!

Colourbar: SIREN

7) Blush by Mac:
Another stunner... a new addition to my kit (nothing is really in the kit :P)... great way to give your cheeks a chiseled look(though I still haven't mastered the art of it)... and this particular shade just blends so well with my skin colour... but I can feel it on my skin... in my pores (I may sound like someone with a make-up products' OCD)... so again not sure if I should use it frequently! (help!)

PEACH TWIST, sheer tone, shimmer blush

I make a lot of face packs, scrubs, toners at home and use them for my face... so I don't really use scrubs or face wash products much... I'm never happy with the products as much as the homemade stuff... So better to keep it natural, eh? :)



Colourfully Indian

I had said I would be posting pictures of the designs I wore for my brother's wedding... that was a really long time back... It's been 2 months now...  I didn't really get the kind of pictures I had in mind... 
Nevertheless, I have picked up and edited a few to share it with you guys

All the poses here are from the dance... It's a lacha... very much a Manish Malhotra rip off... though I wanted more of a Sabyasachi sort of look... but those are usually not considered "colourful" enough for Indian weddings ;)
Not proud of the fact that I'm talking about rip offs... but obviously designer Indian styles are so not affordable.. and the market is full of rip offs... 
Lacha: Seasons(Bombay)

This sari is my favourite of all the three... simply love how trendy yet traditional it is... It has 3 pieces sewn together.. plain red as the pallu, pleats are golden and the rest is floral... 
Sari: Kalki(Bombay)

This is a lehenga sari.. so comfortable and easy to wear... I'm so bad at draping saris it's a blessing for people like me!
Lehenga sari: Seasons(Bombay)

Love Shreeja


A blogging marathon

When I'm really really busy... and have work all over the place... I do crib and stress about it... I keep scheduling and re-scheduling the tasks... fill pages after pages of the planner... feel upset if I don't reach the target for the day... Yet I totally enjoy the whole process of being busy!! 
And when I do not have much on my plate (like now)... I become miserable... and make a mess of things... I get really anxious and pessimistic... no wonder they say an empty mind is the devil's workshop... 
So instead of sulking and troubling my hubby by being a brat, I have decided to keep myself busy by blogging continuously everyday for the next 10 days... I'm challenging myself to a blogging marathon ;) 

I bought this gorgeous ForeverNew skirt on a massive 70% discount a couple of years ago from India (never really got a chance to wear this there).. I have done a look in this skirt before but I won't lie I wasn't very happy with it.. ever since I bought this skirt I had a picture in my head of wearing it teamed with a black leather jacket... and this is what it looked like in my head too! 

What you can see in the backdrop is the lovely South Perth harbour.. beautiful and serene.. and so awesomely breezy that you would never feel like leaving the place.. :)

Skirt : Forever New
Jacket: Valley girl
Neckpiece: Colaba Causeway (Bombay)

Not sure if I can manage that many look posts.. but the posts are going to keep coming in.. and I'm gonna try and make them as interesting as possible.. I hope I stick to the plan... and if I succeed, hopefully I would have embedded it in my daily system as well.. and therefore blogging more in the future too..

All the best to me! :)


Perth Upmarket

On Sunday hubby and I went to the Perth Upmarket.. these markets happen around four times a year and it's about clothes, food, children's clothes and so much more by lovely, unique and exclusive Perth's local labels.
If you are a Perth based business making unique, exclusive products, you can even apply to get selected in the retailer's list on their site..

Had a lovely lovely time at the Upmarket.. my first time and I'm already a big fan!
And the weather was sooo lovely too!
Few pics from the market and this time I had the camera :P

 Really amazing and super cute stalls!

The venue was the massive charming campus of UWA with it's heritage style buildings!

And so many pretty kids who had so much fun running around!

hehehe.. doggies too

trying to be a "photographer" :P

hubby baby trying to be cool with me going all crazy with the camera :P

 meee... not blogger-posing for once ;) 

Hope you guys liked the Post!