7 make-up/cosmetics that I use

 When it comes to make-up, cosmetics, facial products...  I'm a little weird... I really am not that comfortable with the idea of applying some sort of chemical on my face.. daily... I mean I do the basic... real basic stuff... some are necessary and some are bare minimum requirements of presenting yourself well.. but more than that I really can't... All I can think about is them blocking the pores of my skin... and then to spend insane amounts of money on the supposedly quality make-up removers... again, how do I know if they are absolutely good for my skin??!! :O
Even a face wash that lathers scares me!

Here are the 7 cosmetic items... not all I use daily.. but this is it!

1) Body Aloe cream by Vaseline and Body butter by Body Shop
I use these almost regularly as it's winter now... not so much during the other seasons.. my skin isn't that bad or too dry (touch-wood) and I'm quite happy with both these body creams.. and they smell really good..

2) Body shop lip-balm
 Keeps your lips from drying (obviously)... love their flavors... melon and strawberry are my favourites.. keep them on and I can go without gloss or colour on my lips... which I prefer more than wearing lipstick all the time..

MELON & ORANGE (shimmer)

3) Sunscreen by Neutrogena
 I try and use it as regularly as possible... and finally I have a sunscreen that doesn't make my skin sweat or make it look too oily... it doesn't burn either..
But again I have no clue how effective it is in protecting my skin from harsh sun damages.. sunscreens may minimize tanning but don't stop it.. and I tend to tan very very easily... So I trust my wide brimmed hat and big rimmed glares to do that job more effectively..

4) Colossal Kajal (kohl)
 Kohl is something I have been applying for years... almost every time I get out of the house... now when people see me without kohled eyes they ask me if something's wrong... I look like I cried my eyes out (another reason why I don't want to get used to other make-up , people get used to seeing you like that!)

5) Lakme Eyeliner
 Another thing which I have got so used to.. I like putting on big thick liner.. this is a good one and stays on well for quite some time.. say 6-7 hours..  I have good practice of using the liner brushes but many find it difficult.. It's easy to try out outline variations too..

6) My Orange lipstick from Mac, Red long-lasting lipstick from Colourbar
 These are my new babies... I love love love the look and feel of it!
Finding the right colour for your skin tone is important... but if you can manage to carry off even a weird colour then nothing like it (weird is so in vogue and it will be forever ;)) My orange lipstick is sort of neonish and actually makes me look a tone darker than I am and I totally love it!
  I'm still not so comfortable with the idea of applying these daily or even frequently.. especially the long lasting one, it stays on almost for 8 hours... poor lips!

Colourbar: SIREN

7) Blush by Mac:
Another stunner... a new addition to my kit (nothing is really in the kit :P)... great way to give your cheeks a chiseled look(though I still haven't mastered the art of it)... and this particular shade just blends so well with my skin colour... but I can feel it on my skin... in my pores (I may sound like someone with a make-up products' OCD)... so again not sure if I should use it frequently! (help!)

PEACH TWIST, sheer tone, shimmer blush

I make a lot of face packs, scrubs, toners at home and use them for my face... so I don't really use scrubs or face wash products much... I'm never happy with the products as much as the homemade stuff... So better to keep it natural, eh? :)



  1. try ranbaxy, suncross gel sun screen ,its a better one!

  2. it's always a good idea to keep it natural. I often do face masks from honey, yogurt and just stuff you can find in your kitchen.

    When it is summer I wear absolutely no make up most of the time, not even mascara.


  3. Wish there were pictures of the products you mentioned doll :)
    Lovely pic :)
    xoxo <3



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