A blogging marathon

When I'm really really busy... and have work all over the place... I do crib and stress about it... I keep scheduling and re-scheduling the tasks... fill pages after pages of the planner... feel upset if I don't reach the target for the day... Yet I totally enjoy the whole process of being busy!! 
And when I do not have much on my plate (like now)... I become miserable... and make a mess of things... I get really anxious and pessimistic... no wonder they say an empty mind is the devil's workshop... 
So instead of sulking and troubling my hubby by being a brat, I have decided to keep myself busy by blogging continuously everyday for the next 10 days... I'm challenging myself to a blogging marathon ;) 

I bought this gorgeous ForeverNew skirt on a massive 70% discount a couple of years ago from India (never really got a chance to wear this there).. I have done a look in this skirt before but I won't lie I wasn't very happy with it.. ever since I bought this skirt I had a picture in my head of wearing it teamed with a black leather jacket... and this is what it looked like in my head too! 

What you can see in the backdrop is the lovely South Perth harbour.. beautiful and serene.. and so awesomely breezy that you would never feel like leaving the place.. :)

Skirt : Forever New
Jacket: Valley girl
Neckpiece: Colaba Causeway (Bombay)

Not sure if I can manage that many look posts.. but the posts are going to keep coming in.. and I'm gonna try and make them as interesting as possible.. I hope I stick to the plan... and if I succeed, hopefully I would have embedded it in my daily system as well.. and therefore blogging more in the future too..

All the best to me! :)


  1. This is crazy good Shreeja! Skirt, bag, jacket and your lovely hair! Plus pictures! :D


  2. All the best with your goal and you look gorgeous !!

  3. Best of luck for blogging marathon !! And lovely outfit !!!


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