Back to where I belong

Finally I'm back to where I want to be.. my blog and my write-ups.. doing look posts and sharing the tidbits..  YAY!

So I have been reading here and there that readers don't like it when you have long detailed posts! And that bloggers should share or express in points so that readers find it easier to read.. Is that true? 

If it is then I'm going to have a hard time expressing myself ...Generally when I begin typing for my blog posts I actually tend to go on for really long and then move on from one topic to another.. and some times I write so much that I can easily split the writing for two different posts.. hehehe

So let us (bloggers) know if you want the posts more simplified.. It will surely take away the joy of writing and expressing.. but we can surely find a midway.. :)

I am finding it hard to take time out for separate look shoots with so much going on.. So I have decided to shoot whatever my outfits of the day are.. whatever I wear when I step out of the house... also a reason to dress up a notch above usual ;)
So this is what I wore for my meeting with the organisation called Memoir Connect (Perth)... hard to believe it's wholly and solely run by two very very young, enthusiastic girls... So impressed and glad to have come across them..Will be soon doing a fashion show and showcasing my designs with Memoir Connect.. :)

Coming back to my look.. this is my 1st animal-print buy ever.. I have an aversion to them.. reasons are unknown.. but I really don't like them.. but this top isn't really so much "in your face" kinds.. plus it forms more like a dotted pattern ...or that's what I would like to believe  :P
Blazer n socks and boots to keep me warm in Perth!

Neckpiece: Prize won at a blog contest (YAY!!)
Rings: Lovisa (Super-duper sale is on!)
Animal printed top : Harbour Town ($5 ;)
Blazer: Valley Girl
My vintage satchel!



  1. love your necklace

  2. WOW..u look gorgeous..n same pinch..since even i tend to write really really long posts..n then edit n cut them short.(..or so think..coz they r still so long.)
    i love what u r wearing..n m a big fan of animal prints..! i love ur rings..!


  3. Love Love Love the top - its' print and color are beautiful!
    Please put up pictures of your collection on your blog once it is launched :)

    - www.livemodish.com

  4. welcome back! Love this necklace!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog


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