Colourfully Indian

I had said I would be posting pictures of the designs I wore for my brother's wedding... that was a really long time back... It's been 2 months now...  I didn't really get the kind of pictures I had in mind... 
Nevertheless, I have picked up and edited a few to share it with you guys

All the poses here are from the dance... It's a lacha... very much a Manish Malhotra rip off... though I wanted more of a Sabyasachi sort of look... but those are usually not considered "colourful" enough for Indian weddings ;)
Not proud of the fact that I'm talking about rip offs... but obviously designer Indian styles are so not affordable.. and the market is full of rip offs... 
Lacha: Seasons(Bombay)

This sari is my favourite of all the three... simply love how trendy yet traditional it is... It has 3 pieces sewn together.. plain red as the pallu, pleats are golden and the rest is floral... 
Sari: Kalki(Bombay)

This is a lehenga sari.. so comfortable and easy to wear... I'm so bad at draping saris it's a blessing for people like me!
Lehenga sari: Seasons(Bombay)

Love Shreeja


  1. I loved last Lehenga Sari! Its fab!



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