I started blogging because I had time and I wanted to do something to express myself.. and I found myself absolutely enjoying the whole process of dressing up for a look, exploring locations around the city for the shoot.. editing.. composing.. writing down my thoughts.. Blogging also made me experiment and go for looks that I would not have have put together otherwise.. 

 Every new blogger faces the pressure of making their blog popular.. it's so insanely competitive...like all the other things in life of course.. Keeping up with twitter, instagram, stylepile, flickr, facebook along with the blog is not easy... Though  I guess every blogger enjoys the whole process of blogging and using various social media, many give up because they think the blog is not doing well..

 I don't know about others but when I started blogging it was solely about enjoying the process..and I intend to keep it that way... I'm done obsessing over things like page-views, followers, comments, shares, likes, sponsors.. things which I wasn't even aware of when I started blogging.. the whole process lost it's charm and became more like a task..which was so not how it's supposed to me feel..
  Hence! I have decided to de-clutter my thoughts and expectations out of this blog including the blog page itself.. completely neat and clean and sans all the unnecessary jazz..

I intend to keep it only as a means to express myself and .. if anything comes my way as I go along, I will obviously be happy.. but I have decided not to kill the joy of blogging by being too critical and over analytical and obsessive about it.. not to be too hard on myself and my blog :)

This dress from Vero Moda is almost 4 years old now.. I miss Mango, Vero Moda and Zara in Perth! :(

Also planning to blog and write a lot more.. hopefully I will be able to keep up with that plan..



  1. lovely outfit
    really like your bag

  2. U look Gorgeous...n that jacket is slowing becoming my fav.


  3. beautiful look...I agree, blogging should be fun...at least for us that do it as a hobby.

  4. Cute outfit! I love Zara too! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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