Happy father's Day!

Since the time I started the 7 things on the blog.. I have some way or the other ended up writing about the people in my life.. hubby, mom and now dad.. So today being Father's Day I'm gonna just write 7 points of the so many points I have in my head..  for my dad! :) And it's weird that Father's Day has no specific date.. in Australia Father's Day is celebrated on 1st September!

Cool Dad
My dad is far far away from any sort of conservative, narrow minded, stereotypical Indian male/society.. I have had absolutely no restrictions on dressing up the way I like.. He has always been more than happy to give feedback or help me on deciding what I should wear for a function or party!
 So thankful that I had equal freedom to do anything almost as much as my twin brother ;)

Super Dad
Dad has been very much involved in everything to do in the growing up years.. Taking up our studies, dropping us to school, teaching us to draw and colour, reading or telling stories from Mahabharata and Ramayana while feeding us dinner, playing badminton for hours.. 
I remember dad waking up early everyday and iron, press our uniforms ready before we stepped out of our baths.. adorable, right??!! :) Loved to wear warm uniforms on cold mornings! :D

Unconditional Dad
My dad is a very very caring dad.. in fact I feel he's over sensitive and protective when it comes to us.. specially my brother! :P
 He would do anything and everything and go out of his way to do things for us.. He's done so much that I feel he might have spoilt us a bit :P
He's like most dads, someone who doesn't express his love openly but shows it in so many different ways :)

Inspiring Dad
Dad has always helped with the household work.. though it must only be a fraction of what mom has to do.. but it's definitely 10 times more than what I have seen my friends' dads do.. many who do not even enter the kitchen (thanks to the biased Indian society, I cannot even begin to tell how much I hate the system)
I'm sure he has set a good example for my brother..

Easygoing Dad
My dad's the most easy going dad ever.. he has neverrrr everrrrr shouted at us.. hitting us was so completely out of question.. in fact, he was the one who would protect us from mom's beatings as kids.. eventually mom also became like him.. and we have never really got scoldings or beatings from either.. So we were quite lucky as kids.. and we both grew up pretty well too.. I guess I can say on their behalf that being good parents doesn't mean being strict parents :)
If you guys know Phil from Modern Family, that's how my dad is.. we three would eat so many chocolates.. countless.. mom didn't even have to know! :P

Sagittarius Dad
Sagittarians are my favourite people.. I really agree with their personalities.. a lot.. they are too easy going, non-fussy people who enjoy simpler things in life.. And my husband is Sagittarius too.. and there are just soo many similarities between him and my dad.. that I find it funny.. :P
Like they say girls tend to marry guys just like their fathers.. quite true in my case! 

Daddy's girl
I look exactly like my mom and act exactly like my dad.. I'm just too similar to him in so many ways that it annoys my mom :P
But I have just never felt that anything my dad does is wrong.. I always somehow see his point of view in doing what he is doing and  very diplomatically take his side.. not being on his side or not agreeing with him is something I just can't do... unless it's something he's stopping me from doing.. then I don't listen to anyone :P

Happy Father's Day Pappooos! :)



  1. aww great photos with your dad!

  2. Aaww..now i love ur daddy too.
    u write so well.


  3. O_O im sagitarius too xD you have a cool dad!

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