Inge Lakawa of Luch Luch Craft!

Hey guys remember the 2nd place winner for my Women's Day Contest??! Well finally I got her to answer a few questions about her blog and herself after so many months of asking! :P
But I'm so happy with the final outcome! She's so inspiring and wonderful.

So here are the answers to the questions I asked! :)

What does the name of your blog mean or why the name "Luch Luch Craft" ?
Why the name is Luch Luch Craft, It's because I love crafting, DIY craft projects. I just like many people, I love cute craft!
In Bahasa Indonesia language 'cute' means 'lucu' and I have this habit where I like to change words, I like to make it sound cuter for me to say hahaha so this 'lucu' became 'luch' then Luch Luch Craft was born. So Luch Luch Craft means Cute Craft :) Even thought my blog name is Luch Luch Craft but my blog is not only about craft. I also blog about food, fashion, anything cute and beauty related sometimes :)

2. What's the inspiration behind your super cute, awesomely animated cute colored blog?
Awww Thank you for the compliment hahaha xD 
If talking about the inspiration behind my blog. I will say... my self lol I personally love everything cute and colorful. It brings me happiness :D

3. Are you so colorful and funny in person, like your blog or are you simple and quiet? :)
I never want to be a simple ordinary person xD I want to be an extraordinary special person! I think everyone should think that they are special :)
I think I am a funny person. At least that's what a lot of people have told me xD but I also am very quiet and shy person depending on the situation. If someday I meet Zelo from the Korean group B.A.P, I think I won't say a word xD

4. How do you come up with such distinct interesting posts? 
Uhmm.. I do nothing.. when I make or think about a new post, I am thinking that it has to be useful for readers or at least make them entertaining :) Everything can be an interesting post. It's only about how we make it become interesting to read. Might be with nice photos or funny jokes :)

5. You have got so many followers in such a short time, do you have some tips for other bloggers on this?
Hahaha yes I have many followers in short time but I just want people to know that having many followers doesn't always mean much traffic to your blog ^^ I thought for a blogger, traffic is more important lol. 
Anyways, I have no secret on getting many followers in short time. I did like most of what bloggers do. Make an interesting post, do a lot of blog walking and leave comments :) Leaving a comment is the most important part, but! You have to leave a comment that is related to the blog post! DO NOT COPY AND PASTE! it's spamming! and nobody likes it. At the end of your comment, ask them if they want to follow each other's blog. 'Follow each other' here is not about having as many followers as you can. It's about supporting each other's blog :D
lol I think I talk too long xD

6. What sort of blogs do you personally like to follow? Name some of your favorite blogs!
I personally like to follow 'girl blogs' you know? About fashion, beauty, food, animals and cute stuff xD uhmm I don't really have a favorite blog but if you really really really really want to know.. my favorite blog is.. Luch Luch Craft.. xD

7. When and where do you blog and how frequently?
When do I blog? I always have my blog open whenever I am online :D but I usually have a new post every 2 days :D
Where, I just blog in front of the laptop in my bedroom. To make a blog post, I need real concentration xD

Wonderful cute inspiring answers right? :)
And here is some of her "Luch Luch Craft".. aren't they amazing??!!

       This is her blog, do check it out! : http://luchluchcraft.blogspot.in    


  1. great questions and answers:)

  2. Was wondering long time ago..abt this guest post. Better late than never.


  3. ohh me >.< im so shy >.<

    visit my blog ^^


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