Just in time!

Whoaaa!! I'm really running around to get this blogging marathon on! Been busy all day cleaning the house as I have a house inspection on Monday... haven't done so much cleaning ever in my life :P... started in the morning and finished around 2.00 in the afternoon... phew!

Then I had scheduled to do a look today in order to keep the marathon going and I did... and finished just before the winter sun was setting.. i.e. by 5.00!

And now I just have half an hour to do this post (including the editing and re-sizing of the pics) because I'm all ready to hit the Winter Music Festival in Freemantle (Wooohoooo! So excited!) and won't be back before midnight..

This look I am posting here is not what I'm wearing to the fest... in fact this is from last Friday when I had been to a play (great play... great experience.. "Animal")

If I can do such express posting on such a busy day... I'm sure I can do much more posts in future however busy I may be...

Trousers: Mango
Blazer: Valley girl
Necklace: Lifestyle(India)
Shoes: Ruby shoes
Scarf: Prize I won!
Ring: Aldo



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