Make your own Vintage

I'm sure every generation might find the previous 20 years to be more endearing and simpler than their own times... like shown in the movie Midnight in Paris (you will like it if you like abstract and vintage!)...I surely am enchanted by the past...

Today everything from styles, products, electronics, media, including music and cinema are changing so rapidly that they all may actually feel old and vintage in less than 10 years... like the 1st Nokia and Motorola mobiles already look so adorable and I really wish I had preserved my 1st cellphone...So though this dress might just be "vintage inspired", if I preserve it (because it's my 1st anniversary dress!!) for long it may be vintage some day! ;)

We all must seriously try and preserve a few dear things from our times... from our lives... and make our own vintage collection... could be our favorite t-shirt or neck-piece or a bag or footwear...  it would be so nice to pass it on to the next generation... if they are vintage crazy heads like me they would surely cherish it... some unique rare stuff may even be a recognized collectible... even if all this doesn't hold true, just imagine how you will feel by just looking at something so dear to you after years from now... Precious! :)

Dress: DangerField
Coat: ForeverNew



  1. your dress is so lovely! i love dangerfield

  2. Shreeja superb post. Loved ur drews and style. Good job keep it up


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