my super insta-month

 It's been a only month that I started instagraming.. I know it is surprising that being a fashion blogger I joined instagram only now.. but better late than never....I'm so not surprised why it's so popular.. I too am hooked!

My whole month... via instagram..

Our month started with going up and down from Perth city to South Perth looking for a new apartment.. we were looking to move to South Perth which is a ferry away from the city.. So lot's of ferry rides during the cold windy evenings... 

After many such trips and applications we did find an awesome new apartment which is just 100 meters away from this beautiful river view!

We decided to move the furniture ourselves which meant many more trips up and down from the old apartment to the new one.. 
Few trips during the weekends to Ikea stores... for furniture

This is also the month when I found this versatile orange-brown leather jacket which is just perfect for the cold breezy autumn in Perth.. and I just can't stop repeating the fact that it's only for $12 :D

Hubby and I had to attend a play at the Dolphin theatre in Perth at a UWA university campus.. which I had to review for my organisation's website...
I loved the lobby area of the theatre with all the vintage styled flyers and posters..
The play was a brilliant one.. makes me sad or wonder why I never started watching theatre plays sooner..

So the Ikea stuff got delivered on a Monday and we lost a weekend which we could have used to set up the house.. but such is the way of circumstance.. when you are busy it tries to make you super busy..
So we had to make the furniture and unpack and set the house

My S&S collection was ready and set... but office work was on.. looking for sponsors, fittings and rehearsals and everything.. I was also working on developing the website/blog for S&S... 
All of which in between the building of furniture and so on.. :P

Glimpse of the whole collection on the rack.. and the accessories to go with it.. at the time of fittings..

In between all this chaos.. I found out that there is a Vintage festival in Freemantle, Perth which had a one day stall of vintage clothes, accessories and more... We literally had no time but decided to go for it anyways.. I thought we were crazy for doing this... and though it was far from the city we made it on time! The festival was simply adorable and made us so happy that we were there.. they had a huge collection from all over Perth.. Blouses,coats, hats, jackets, satchels, jewelry.. all that were real vintage collectibles..hubby bought a vintage "british" flat cap.. looks cute!
My first actual vintage buys! 

Few days of living in a messy house and working around things...Finally the house was set!

The bookshelf/library area is my favourite :)

The new kitchen has a grill! and so I decided to try out tandoori chicken... turned out awesome and we celebrated the new apartment! 

Showcased my collection at the Foxfeet Website launch.. It was great and I 'm glad to be associated with the Colosoul Organisation and Foxfeet :)

Website too got done eventually.. a little behind schedule.. nevertheless looks good

I also got a surprise at my doorstep! I had won a Valentine's day contest on the Whatwearhow blog and got my prize.. due to some confusion at the post ofiice I got it three months late :P And it was indeed a pleasant reward amidst all this super hectic time :)
A Lovely scarf and neckpiece!

Lastly just a couple of days ago I had to review this amazing PR in fashion event in Perth.. Superb event combining fashion runway and networking with the industry people in Perth.. got to do a little networking for my brand too ;)

So I hope to return to my routine and active blogging as soon as possible!
Tomorrow I think I will get on to doing a look-post.. 



  1. WOW..shreeja..i loved this post..it flows like a fun story..!
    I love ur new apartment..it has a very artistic look to it..n i love the necklace u won at the giveaway. That brown leather jacket is soo cool. i want it right now..but with the mumbai weather..it will just stay hanging in my closet..:(
    n for the umpteenth time let me tell u..
    I LOVE YOUR COLLECTION..!! it is so fab..i think i m gonna dream abt them..!


  2. I love your photos! :) nice stuffs.
    Hope we could follow each other :)

  3. Enjoyed going through the pictures.. :D
    xoxo <3



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