Perth Upmarket

On Sunday hubby and I went to the Perth Upmarket.. these markets happen around four times a year and it's about clothes, food, children's clothes and so much more by lovely, unique and exclusive Perth's local labels.
If you are a Perth based business making unique, exclusive products, you can even apply to get selected in the retailer's list on their site..

Had a lovely lovely time at the Upmarket.. my first time and I'm already a big fan!
And the weather was sooo lovely too!
Few pics from the market and this time I had the camera :P

 Really amazing and super cute stalls!

The venue was the massive charming campus of UWA with it's heritage style buildings!

And so many pretty kids who had so much fun running around!

hehehe.. doggies too

trying to be a "photographer" :P

hubby baby trying to be cool with me going all crazy with the camera :P

 meee... not blogger-posing for once ;) 

Hope you guys liked the Post!

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  1. Love what your wearing :D
    xoxo <3



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