Saturday night live!

Yesterday I mentioned I was going to a music festival... and what a wonderful time I had!
Winter music festival, Fremantle was great.... as many of the local talents in and around Perth were to perform... spread out at four different cool venues close to one another... we could hop skip and jump around enjoying the different genres of bands that were lined up... 
This was sort of my first experience with live bands (sad... I know!!)... cheering with the crowd and dancing... simply being there... soaking in all the music and getting transported to another world... simply awesome...
 Music has so much potential... even if it's something that you are hearing for the first time...  music always has it's effect on you... I feel sad that I don't spend much time listening to any music as much as I used to... and I feel so refreshed after such an amazing musical evening...

This is what I wore to the show..

Top: Mango
Skirt: Valley girl
Denim shirt: just Jeans

Here are some pics from the show!

Hope you guys had a lovely weekend too!
Many more posts coming up one after another throughout this week!



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  2. Awesome.


  3. Nice layering!! Seems you had a great Saturday night! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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