7 changes in me (my life) after coming to Perth

Coming to Perth wasn't something that I had planned for myself... It has totally altered my life.... tossed me from this end to that... topsy turvy-ed my entire plan-of-action.... and thrown me into a scheme of things that I would have never really imagined myself to get into otherwise…. yet I have no complaints so to speak… maybe I have a few but it's really nothing compared to the overall positive vibe that runs through my life….
So here I go… 7 changes in me (my life) after coming to Perth
I started blogging after I came to Perth… and now if not on the blog I put pen to the paper almost every day…. simply putting down my thoughts, scribbling paper after paper…. have so many pretty diaries and notepads (love them all!) Good or bad, writing should definitely be something one must try and practise almost daily… it’s such a simple way of relaxing and sorting your thoughts…
Reviewing fashion events in and around Perth has been another advantage of writing…. And been such a great experience each time that I keep an eye on what’s next all the time!
Theatre, music events and other cultural events
Events, festivals, pop up stores and exhibitions…. love that so much keeps happening here…True that it’s all new and fascinating and hence the interest (maybe) but not only are they all over the place but also so easily accessible to all…  Amazing how so many local and lesser known talents are given a chance to reach out to the public so easily… and have had a wonderful time each time
Vintage stores and Op shops
Beautiful lovely vintage stores that remind you of the simpler and pristine times…. holding priceless vintage items from the past…. preserved and admired with equal love and care all over Perth… Op shops, recycled, up-cycled clothing are other amazing concepts that are performing so well among all sorts of people that they are not looked down upon as used or second hand… these concepts have their own fan following here!
Leather jackets and Boots!
These are things every girl (at least a girl with fashion background) wishes to wear in her life-time… being from a city like Bombay, I never thought I would ever get a chance to have these… I’m so blissfully glad that I can wear them now!
Aaah can you imagine having something to drink that not only gets you high but also is healthy (moderate consumption, of course) Wine is still a very rare and may be an expensive concept in Bombay and I got used to this only after coming here…. I not only love the effects of wine (wink) but also thoroughly enjoy the entire concept of fine dining, slow music and wine in a wine glass! :)
Value “me” time
Never have I spent so much time with myself before... in my own company… never have I introspected so much…. shared so much with myself… and weird that I find that I know myself  a little more now…. I guess that’s a good thing…. because I try to better myself and it surprisingly is working... though very slowly... 
Aiming for a more balanced life
Perth and my life here inspire me to bring more balance to everything… my life, my thoughts, my expectations, my health, my work; it has definitely given me a chance to have a glimpse of a much simpler life which I would have never been able to see otherwise…. I guess not even in any other city in the world… because Perth is actually quite different from other fast moving cities… here people relax more than they work not because they can afford to but that’s how life is supposed to be….

It’s not that things are too easy but this is how I choose to see it… Given a choice I might not have opted for this but now that I have experienced it I don’t think I could have had a better option…. J



  1. lovely knowing more about you
    xo sabbi

  2. Well written Shreeja !!Back in our country, we don't get time to know ourselves, we are always surrounded with people, work, society, tradition that we forget ourselves.Its really a progress to know yourself more.

    Cheers to you girl !!!

  3. Outside India, Wine is consumed like water during meals. I remember developing fondness for wine when I visited Melbourne. It's tastes divine!

    Awesome posts Shreeja!


  4. I love leather jackets :)

    I follow you beautiful blog on bloglovin. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog www.gabusiek.blogspot.com


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