New month new beginnings

Change or habits cannot be made a part of your everyday life overnight nor should that be your aim... take a tiny step each day and feel a little better about it each day... cut down on fats, eat healthy, exercise, read more, play more, stress less, meditate... all of this can be done if you know it's the right thing to do... but all the while also feel happy and good every time you do it...  if you give up the moment you miss out on a few days (of the tight schedule), you are going to end up losing whatever little you've achieved... the sulking (negativity) too would definitely nullify whatever you gained... don't be too hard on yourself when you are trying to do things that are actually supposed to relax you...

I'm wearing my husband's winter jacket! Tried it on for fun and loved the androgynous look!
This also makes me want to start a new category on the blog called "from hubby's wardrobe"
So many more options to experiment with!!...  and a new month to start something new too ;)

Top: Zara
Jacket: Hubby's wardrobe
Leggings,Boots,Satchel: are all regular features here! :P

 Can you guys believe we are already in the second half of the year... time literally flies!
And today is the start of a new month... so don't waste more time sulking over that fact that you didn't stick to your new year's resolution and simply give up... instead make new ones now...
make one every month, every week or every day if you want... make each and every effort count :)



  1. I love this look..u look soo cute ..actually gorgeous. I love that winter jacket. n the pony tail really suits u.


  2. You look gorgeous with your hair up my friend!!
    love the all black look and you are so lucky you fit into your husbands wingterjacket!
    It looks so cool!

    have a great day love xoxo

    Tamara Chlo;e


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