Not so Winter

Perth's winter is actually very pleasant... not like I made it sound whenever I said it makes me lazy and sleepy... True it does all that to me but that's maybe because I'm not used to winters that go below 24 degrees.. haha... But seriously speaking during the day it's wonderfully sunny and cool at the same time allowing us (girls) to wear dresses, shorts and skirts with just a jacket or sweater without being too cold... every now and then some guys too are seen in justttt t-shirts and shorts (makes me wonder how??). Nights are of course much much colder and I HAVE to be completely covered (stockings and long coats are good enough) though you see so many girls out on the streets in their lovely mini dresses sans the stockings and I always wonder "HOW???" But I'm just glad that the winter here gives you an equal chance to dress up!

Dress: Dangerfield


  1. nice post, love your dress.

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