Pilates if you are too busy

This is not really a "fitness" post or anything... not really planning to make it a regular thing... but I thought I must share this...
Some of us are so busy that it just seems impossible to hit the gym or go for a run after or before work... Or simply because it costs so much or the weather outside is just not helping (we have all the excuses) but I sort of found a solution... tried and tested... as I really don't like to preach before I practice...
This is something I discovered 3 months back while I was India... I was getting a hair-cut and the hairstylist (who was btw in amazing shape) and her friend were discussing this Pilates videos on you-tube and how it was so useful... I googled it but didn't really think it was that great then... later when I was back in Perth I found myself really lazy (it was the cold climate :P) to go to the gym and also I was becoming increasingly busy (I would like to believe) and then I remembered this video and tried it out one morning! Whoaa!! Now I absolutely love Pilates and Cassey Ho, her workout videos are totally effective and really help you tone your body... trust me on this!

Do it at home! (biggest advantage)
No special requirements (some workouts may need dumbbells but you can omit them too)
Each video is only about 10-15mins (yet very effective)
You can mix and match workouts as per your mood, need, time etc.
Can easily alternate workouts focused on different body parts for different days. (Sleek arms, muffin tops, fully body toning, abs, toned legs and all)

Beginners will have a very tough time, your body will totally ache and be sore..
Don't do anything that you find too difficult
People who are not used to any sort of exercise may start with the "total body toning" for first few days

Please don't give up...  keep going... it's just about giving 10-12 minutes a day!

Let me know how it turns out for you guys!



  1. WOW..shreeja..m definitely trying it..!thnx for sharing.


  2. I do exercise at home sometimes but I should do it more often. I prefer yoga to pilates, but I guess that any exercise routine is good as long as we stick to it.

    1. Oh I love yoga too, but to do it correctly you need thorough concentration.. I do yoga once in a while to feel relaxed :)


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