Saying "hi"

Finally I get to say "hi" to you all after a gap... because all this while I had been blogging about various events and stuff like that... didn't really feel like I was interacting... and in the meanwhile my week was pretty different and exciting... Why??

First time after coming to Perth I had to stay without my hubby for two days.. and I was excited.. And not because he was going to be away....  but because I had planned to cut my hair when he was gone.. hehe that was the plan.. to surprise him with a new wife!

So I cut my hair.. I'm sure most of you have seen it already... I plan to do a whole long post on that soon... I think I ought to... as a lot of people are calling me "brave" :P

Then came the bloggers meet... met so many wonderful bloggers and the effect is still on as I got onto reading so many new blogs... so difficult to catch up with all...

I stayed at a friend's place for those two days.. I admit here on my blog that I just cannot stay alone at night.. I'm scared of Ghosts (thanks to all the horror movies I keep watching once in a while) So the stay was pretty cool and awesome.... girly days with watching movies, talking, visiting all the art and other exhibitions in the city and eating! She spoilt me with so much food.... my god!

A short trip/vacation was long due and as soon as hubby got back we left for Mandurah... will do a post on that too soon... so much I planned and so much backlog!

Then we had a whole three days of rain here this weekend... one of the rainy days I attended a fashion event.... was a little scary wait at the bus stop all drenched and chilly on the way back! Rest of the days we spent doing kitchen experiments.. haaha... was funn! We made easy, healthy and tasty stuff...

A shoot I tried at the Mandurah trip... the weather there too didn't allow much!



  1. love the outfit and the pictures are so beautiful :)

  2. lovely outfit, love your top

  3. ROCKING the short hair!!
    and don't be scared of ghosts, they can't do any harm, imagine living with someone that can see things like that - that would be MY husband hahaha
    Would love to meet you one day and enjoying reading about you here!!

    1. Hahahaha thanks for the words of encouragement Kirsty :) We should surely meet up soon!

  4. I love your new hairdo!!! and what a lovely outfit and photos:)


  5. Lovely hair do, needs lots of guts to get one done.
    Black and White always my favorite, love the pictures and outfit :D
    You had a fabulous time with girls even I am looking forward to some girls fun coming weekend.

    the IT Girl


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