Sleeping Beauties by Pippa Mcmanus

As a design student, fashion illustration was my favourite subject... have always been into drawings and paintings and I surely don't suck at it (I cannot dare to say I'm good while doing a post on Pippa's work!) Also I know how difficult, taxing and intricate fashion illustrations are... having your signature styled croqui and having a signature styled use of colours is so important that we spent days racking our brains trying to master our own styles... And all of this on a small sheet of A3 sized paper... and now look at these beauties... sleeping gracefully on massive canvases!

Her intricate work on the prints and texture of the garments is absolutely detailed but not rigid or exact and thus has a relaxed charm about it.... Love it!

This year's collection has an amazing breezy/casual vibe through out as compared to the highly elaborate nature of last year's "With flowers in their hair".... every time a new concept with it's own beautiful characteristics...

Every time I see her work I get so inspired to start with my illustrations again... but with the blog and the label it eventually ends up taking a back seat...

Pippa with her own favourite beauty of the day... she says "everyday I have a new favourite, today it's her"... I'm sure it's hard to choose from your own babies... such gorgeous ones... Love the green hair here!

I was so disheartened when I couldn't make it to the opening night but so glad.... as this visit certainly turned out to be more special... 

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  1. Beautiful post ..n again u look gprgeous.



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