Throwbacks - Going the nerdy way!

I got my glasses when I was thirteen which I think is the worst age to get them, when you are so insecure about your looks... everything from your oily skin to frizzy hair makes you doubt yourself.... I hated it soooo much! I used to hardly wear them which resulted in increasing the power of my glasses manifold. Four to five years later, while in college our class was to go on a study tour and just a couple of days before the tour I cried, fought with my parents and got my first pair of lenses, just because I didn't want all the tour photographs to be with me wearing specs (and also I had shopped so much before the trip I didn't want to spoil the whole look wearing specs :P)

Now so many years later I have the perfect glasses... the nerdy, geek thick framed glasses and no it's definitely not just a passing trend... it's here to stay for a good number of years.... till fashion gets the thin and frame-less ones back to us... but even then I'm not giving these darlings up (got two of them)... they are so going to stay with me... Now I wear them almost everywhere, even to parties!

As far as fashion goes, these babies are one of the must haves now... from celebrities, fashion runways to even red carpets it's seen as a vital piece of accessory... 

Bollywood too is a fan of this trend!

So even if you have got perfect vision flaunt one of these as an accessory and see how they simply transform your look altogether!
Tips for buying: Do not simply grab any shape and size, try out as many options as you can and pick the one that suits the shape and size of your face.. as far as the design goes, the simpler(basic black ones) the better!



  1. I know what you mean - even I got specs when I was a teen in high school & honestly, it felt like the end of the world!
    Thankfully, I overcame it & even though I've switched to lenses for quite a few years now - I still wear my thick rimmed glasses at home and here and there :D

  2. I used to have a major glasses complex especially since I had them since I was very little.I still get wierded out if I have to wear them out but I feel stlightly more comfortable with mine now.:p


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